Engagement Parties – How to Host Yours

Some couples prefer to throw an engagement party to celebrate their new status. It could also be the case that either the groom or the bride’s family will put on the event to honor the two. When deciding on how to invite people you can choose between getting them printed, handwriting them, or just phoning people, depending on the size you are planning. Your guests may know beforehand the reason why there is a party, but you do not want to state on the invitations that it is an engagement party. Therefore you won’t be expecting your guests to bring gifts. Announcing that it is an engagement party you obligate your guests to bring a gift and your motive for throwing the party will be put in question.

The host of the party will usually announce the engagement with a toast, and as a surprise to most. The kind of party you throw can range from a formal sit down dinner, to a barbecue or an elegant cocktail party. Sometimes a simple lunch or a tea for the bride will substitute for a formal engagement party. At these occasions it is enough to invite the mothers of the bride and groom, the bridal party, and the closest female friends and relatives.

The overall theme of the party should be about new beginnings, happy times, and best wishes. It’s not an event to worry over every little detail, like a wedding. You also don’t want to go through a lot of expense, because the rehearsal dinner and wedding will cost quite a bit. Nothing bad can happen here, unless the two decide to call off the engagement as the party is happening. Keep things fun, light-hearted, and upbeat.

If you are playing host to an engagement party, keep in mind that the nature and feel of it should be to have fun. There is no obligation to have an engagement party, so don’t make it too big of a chore. Consult with the engaged couple on who should be at the party, and what kind of party they’d like to have. Don’t stress out too much about it, just try to make sure that everyone has a jovial time.

Remember that as the host of the party it is your ultimate happiness that will dictate how the event goes. If the bride’s family wanted a formal sit down dinner and the groom’s family wanted a fancy cocktail party, and you’ve gone with an informal brunch with close friends and family it may seem that no one has won. But, if you feel most comfortable with your choice then you as the host will be having a good time, and this will trickle down to any naysayers and win them over in the end.