Engineered Wood Flooring – A Beautiful Option

You may want to install solid wood flooring, but your budget only allows engineered wood flooring that can last just as long as a solid wood species can. You can install engineered wood flooring that is just as beautiful and will last just as long as a solid wood floor without the high price and the high maintenance that hard wood flooring can require.

Engineered wood flooring is made to be stable, and solid wood flooring can just not compete in this arena. You can install engineered wood flooring over many different surfaces including concrete, basement floors and radiant floors. You must be aware that the quality of engineered wood flooring can vary depending upon the manufacturer from who you purchase engineered wood flooring.

You can expect to pay prices of $8.00 to $11.00 per square foot for engineered wood flooring. That can exceed the price of solid wood flooring, but engineered wood flooring is easier to care for and install than solid wood planks that solid hardwood flooring entails.

You can choose engineered wood flooring from a number of species and various finishes. You can be sure your floor will look almost exactly like a real solid hardwood floor without the hassle and maintenance it takes to keep a traditional wood floor looking its best.

If you are looking to start and finish a home renovation project that will add considerable value to your home, you need look no rather than installing engineered wood flooring. Prospective buyers look at many things that can influence their decision and a new engineered hardwood floor may be just the thing to seal the deal.

For those who want the look and age of a traditional hardwood floor but can’t imagine keeping maintenance up for the proper look, engineered wood flooring may be just the answer you have been looking for. With ease of maintenance and a wide array of shopping venues, owning an engineered wood floor has never been easier.

Go online today and research your options for an engineered wood floor. You may find it is the perfect flooring option you have been searching for.