Engineered Wood Plank Flooring Designs – Innovative, Durable and Affordable

The engineered wood plank flooring designs make the floors look stylish and attractive. If you want to compare among the various designs you need to take in account certain aspects. Not all wood plank flooring designs comprise of the same number of layers. 5 or 3 are the usual numbers of layers existent in these products. Even though 3-layered designs are purchased by lot of people it is preferable to buy the 5-layered variation. With the additional number of layers, you would also receive extra sturdiness in the wood. This is very crucial in places where there are moisture/humidity issues.

People have this wrong notion that in order to purchase wooden plank flooring of good quality lot of money needs to be paid. Not many people can afford the high price of solid wooden flooring, and for them these plank flooring provides a viable alternative. At a cost-effective price you can create the appearance and feel of solid wooden flooring. In this kind of flooring, you need to buy planks comprising of the multiple layers. A premium quality wood is however used on the external surface as that would be viewed by everybody. The presence of layers underneath cannot be made out by the visitors after the installation of this setup has been completed.

In the conventional solid wooden flooring, one tends to hear lot complains about expansion and contraction of the product when exposed to varying humidity and temperature levels. But in the engineered wooden plank flooring, chances of these problems are less. Multiple designs are implemented along with carefully chosen materials to make these products reliable. The installation process is simpler and you can place these planks in locations where conventional solid wood would not work.

These are also known as laminated flooring, as there is a combination of laminated flooring substances and genuine wood existent. They available in the pre-finished form in the maker’s store. After the appropriate style of the wooden planks has been chosen, you need to choose the color of timber used. Various choices like walnut, hornbeam, oak, elm, acacia, ash, beech, etc. are available. People choose colors according to the interior decors existent and their personal likings. These wooden plank floors have given an eco-friendly option to the people as the wood is procured from trees procured from forests grown sustainably. It is a responsibility of all ecologically conscious people to take care of Mother Nature and these planks provide people with that option.