Englyn Milwr – Solder's Lamenting Thoughts

Englyn Milwr, (pronounced en-glin mee-loor), is a unit of three lines in which the end words rhyme. The three line format is referred to as a tercet rhyming pattern. This poem is of Welsh origin and generally has a theme of war. It is called the "Soldier's Englyn." Each line has seven (7) syllables and there is no limit to the number of stanzas the poem may have. This form is thought to have derived from the inscriptions on the Roman tombs in Wales. This style consists of three seven-syllable lines that rhyme. There exist eight types of Englyn poetry of which Englyn Milwr is only one type. The eight types of Englyn poems are as follows: Englyn milwr, Englyn penfyr, Englyn unodl union, Englyn unodl crwc, Englyn cyrch, Englyn proest dalgron, Englyn lleddfbroest, and Englyn proest gadwynog. The following is an example of the Englyn Milwr:

Soldier's Lamenting Thoughts

A soldier waved in passing

Heading for the front laughing

He was old and joints aching

By his wave I heard him say

Pray for me on this great day

That I may come back this way

One passed with a bandaged head

He had a pocket with meds

His army shirt was in shreds

One held me close to his chest

He seemed stronger that the rest

Saying they will do their best

Their echoes left me a song

I know they could not be wrong

They were singing very strong

Bombs dropped, men died, side by side

Loved ones at home wept and cried

In battle armies collide

One day I sat by the way

A soldier smiled that day

Going back the other way

He served his time on the lines

He gave me the blessing sign

Knelt, prayed and left me behind