Enhanced ESP, Telepathy, and Mysticism in People With Autism

Evolving Opinion

I would like to reiterate that I do not claim to understand the process that I have been involved in. It needs further study. My autistic Students have been my teachers. The more I experience, the more I realize how little I know. When I am involved in joining, I sense we are writing in tandem. The same is true when I transcribe what I receive. It feels like a meditative dance where we serve as intermediaries for each other.

I sense, that many of the kids I have worked with are intellectual and spiritual savants. But because of their significant language, movement, and sensory issues, the untrained eye does not recognize them. Due to these difficulties, many of my students appeared physically uncomfortable. This discomfort may have encouraged them not to fully integrate in their bodies, which in turn allowed for a stronger connection with the subconscious or spirit. Coming from this higher vibration, where all information is instantaneous and not dependent on sensory channels, appears to be their reality.

My students appear to align with my energy field in a way that allows them to feel comfort- a form of entrainment that enables them to subdue their own chaotic flow and lower their vibrations to a level that balances their knowing – to a point where they can express a stream of consciousness. I speculate that I serve as a bridge to help them understand our communication system and they serve as my bridge for increased understanding of mystical states. Thus far, I have not become proficient in their world, nor have they in mine. But, I believe, we both have benefited from the entanglement. I speculate that it it is possible that our two energies formed together could be forming a third distinct vibration that is a combination of the two, similar to binaural beats or a chemical change.

When I am “sending” mental prompts; many of my students transcribe information without being able to demonstrate typical concrete awareness. Since, I am able to anticipate what they are going to type, I am fully aware that information being transcribed can be influenced by my personal bias. I still have difficulty discerning the emanating source of the dialogue. Although I believe much is initiated by the conscious and subconscious mind of the typist. and some I believe is a channelled experience of higher spiritual thought forms, I continue to share authorship.

I hope that remaining open to ever-evolving changes in perspective will eventually lead us to something profound and valid to explore. I speculate that our understanding of telepathy and vibration connections, with the help of these remarkable people is about to evolve. It is mind-boggling stuff that demands further explanation.