Enhancement Exercises Vs Penis Pumps – What Causes Growth And What Causes Side-Effects?

Two of the most popular options for getting a bigger penis size are natural enhancement exercises and using penis pumps. Both of these methods claim to increase blood flow into the penile shaft, but they both do not work the same way for enlarging a man’s penis size. If you are interested in making your penis reach a significant size (permanently), and also develop some other exciting benefits (such as lasting several times longer with sex… and more), then read on to discover which of these 2 enlargement methods are by far the best option to go with.

Just a heads up: I’ve used BOTH methods myself before. I started off using pumps and then I wound up going with penis exercises. That being said, there will be no bias in this article. I’m just speaking from what I know to be the truth about these 2 methods. You can make a decision on which route to take based off of my analysis… but just please understand I’m not trying to steer you one way or the other. If anything, I certainly want you to decide to go NATURAL with getting bigger… and that’s because going with the other side of the coin will lead to some serious (and dangerous side-effects).

First, How Does Each Method Work?

– Pumps work by creating a vacuum on your penis to suck blood into the penile shaft. The blood then get’s “trapped” in the penis by using a rubber ring that is placed around the base of your manhood. The ring keeps your erection during intercourse. This all will slightly make your penis look bigger.

– Penis exercises work by you performing massaging, stretching, and tensing exercises on all areas of your manhood. All of these routines will speed up blood circulation, strengthen and enlarge your penile chambers, and will also strengthen your PC muscle.

Second, How Does Doing Each Method Affect Love Making?

– With penis pumps, many complain that it is a serious interference with intimacy during intercourse. Also, these tools have to be used before sex every time in order for you to get that slightly bigger erection. That of course, in the long haul, will make it pretty annoying.

– With penis exercises, there are no interferences with love-making. You do the exercises as taught in a guide, and you can continue comfortably with intercourse during your enlargement process.

Third, What About Side-Effects?

– Penis pumps can burst blood vessels, cause issues with the skin on your penis, cause serious pain, cause soreness, cause deformation, cause lymph blisters, and can cause impotence.

– Penis exercises can cause soreness on your penis if you do not do the exercises properly, and they can cause chaffing if you don’t use natural lubrication for the exercises that require lubrication.

Fourth, What Are Some Common Complaints?

– The complaints that most men have with using pumps is that their erection size doesn’t last, there are complaints that the erection doesn’t look normal, there are complaints of feeling numb, there are complaints of discomfort when ejaculating, some men have noted that their penis has become thinner after using pumps, many men complain that they have become dependent upon using pumps in order to develop (and keep) an erection, and there are complaints of weaker ejaculation.

– Common complaints with penis exercises are with some of the exercises, you have to develop a 1/2 erection, and for most men, this is pretty difficult to do, and another common complaint is chaffing, and that of course is fixed by following the recommendation mentioned in most penis exercise programs to use lubrication while doing certain exercises.

Fifth, What Type Of Results To Expect?

– Pumps will temporarily make your penis erection somewhat bigger and harder.

– Penis exercises can permanently increase the length up to an extra 4 inches, increase the thickness of your erection, make the hardness of your erection stronger, increase the muscular look of your erection, make you ejaculate further and stronger, extend how long you can last during sex, and improve the overall health of your manhood.

Bottom line, as you can clearly see from above, penis exercises wins this battle hands down. And there is only one reason why exercising your manhood wins… and that’s because this method is 100% natural. Any unnatural method will not be able to provide you with significant results, permanent results, and do it all without developing side-effects or pain like a natural method such as penis exercises.