Enjoy a New Web Experience from Google Chrome


Want to experience a new world of web? Then all you need is Google Chrome. Google Chrome is a web browser from Google that makes web browsing faster, safer and easier.

Its development is based on open source code derived mainly from Apple and Mozilla and other open source projects and future development will depend on feedback from various forums. It is simple and streamlined getting out of your way, yet getting you where you want to. Tabs are kept in isolation to prevent them from crashing into one another and the browser architecture provides protection from rogue sites. It includes JavaScript V8 to make full use of the next generation of web applications.


Opening new tabs in the browser will give a visual sampling of sites visited, search engines used, closed tabs and bookmarked pages. Web searches will open up suggestions for the intended search. Applications will load within a window without opening another browser. Dragging tabs from a browser will create new windows. Tabs running independently will not will not allow crashed applications to bring everything to a standstill. Private browsing will not allow pages visited to appear in your web history. Warnings will show when visiting malware or other unsafe websites. You can use all bookmarks and passwords from existing browsers.


Google Chrome frequently downloads updates of blacklists (phishing and malware) and warn users when they attempt to visit these sites. Currently Google Chrome does not support plugins like Adobe Flash Player or ActiveX controls which run at / above the security level of the browser.

As of May 2009 Google Chrome was the 4th most widely used browser. Development versions for Linux and Mac were released in June 2009.