eReader Review – Kate Spade Canvas Bella Library Cover for Nook

Nook fans like us can now have a taste of fabulous and functional designer accessories for our well loved eReader. Many reviews have been chattering about the Kate Spade Canvas Bella Library Cover and for very good reasons. It brings more fun and elegance to the Nook while safeguarding it from minor bumps or scratches.

This great Nook cover is a collaboration of artist Bella Foster along with the famous designer label Kate Spade New York, exclusively for Barnes and Noble. The illustration is whimsical and innovative, perfect for vibrant and sassy girls that crave a little color along with gadgets. The scene is an interpretation of places where we like to read books, including the New York City public library.

The interior fine detail is equally as fabulous, using the striking all red pattern. As it is created by Kate Spade, the quality of design will be top notch. You can expect this product to be in great use for a long time.

The material is constructed of canvas, which feels high quality to touch. It helps to make the eReader seem like a genuine book. Do not be fooled by the interesting design and style, the Canvas Bella Cover is padded more than enough to give good protection from minor drops and jolts; everyday normal things that happen to our own beloved gadgets

It also has an elastic band inside, that secures the Nook in position. All necessary ports are free of any obstructions, which makes it hassle free when charging since the eReader doesn’t have to be taken out of the cover.

It makes a good companion and proper protection for our Nook.

Here are more things about the Canvas Bella Nook Cover:

Made from 100% cotton

Dimensions are 8.3 inches x 5.9 inches.

Includes a slip pocket inside, that is perfect to store small notes or even business cards.

Life’s serious enough without having to make our gadgets look stiff and boring. The Canvas Bella by Kate Spade combines fun, imagination and performance in one great cover.