Erectile Dysfunction Vacuum Device – Is it Effective?

Erectile dysfunction is a very deteriorating condition among men. It does not only affect the physiologic aspect of the person, but it also creates negative changes on the emotional, as well as on the psychological side. That is, the person who acquires such condition is sooner to develop depression, anxiety, and become less empowered.

Professionals and experts on reproductive health have discovered several methods in relieving the condition. Most of these methods were tested by male clients, and many of them found these methods to be successful in improving their penile condition. Some of these therapies include psychotherapy, drug therapy, herbal medicines, and surgical interventions.

But besides these types of therapies and methods of managing erectile problems among males, some experts have created gadgets that could possibly give a life-long remedy on the condition. With the aid of today's technological advancement, some of these gadgets that were invented are the Erectile Dysfunction Vacuum Devices.

These devices are also commonly known as Vacuum Constriction Devices of VCD's. It is an external pump that is primarily made to aid men in attaining their desired erection before sexual intercourse by constricting the penile muscles and increasing the blood supply on the area.

How can this device be put to work?

There are different kinds of erectile dysfunction vacuum devices in the market today, and most of them are easy to manipulate. It can be operated manually or with the use of batteries.

The device comes with a cylindrical container in which the male client will insert his penis. It has a band in one end, and this should be the area to be attached on the base of the penis shaft. The band helps maintain erection throughout the course of the sexual activity. To create the vacuum inside the cylinder, air should be pumped out first. After the vacuity was created, the male should position his penis well and continue pumping until enough blood is drawn into the shaft that will make it swell and erect. Slowly remove the penis with the help of a lubricant so that it will not be aching. Do not remove the band, but instead allow it to stay for a maximum of thirty minutes to let the penis attain its normal size.

Are there contraindications of using the device?

Erectile dysfunction vacuum devices are indicated for men who have normal reproductive system condition. It can also be used by those who have nonstandard conditions such as diabetes, decreased libido, anxiety, hypertension, and mild respiratory problems.

However, it is contraindicated for those who had just undergone recent surgery on the prostate area and testicular area, and for those who were diagnosed to have tumors in their reproductive tract, as well as bleeding, infection, and inflammation on the area.

What are the side effects to watch out for?

After using erectile dysfunction vacuum devices, the constricted blood vessels can cause alterations on the penis. The client will feel cold and numbness on the area, and there will be bluish to purplish discolorations. There will also be a reduction amount of ejaculation due to vasoconstriction. Although many have claimed that these adverse effects are normal, there are some medical experts who explained that long-term use of the device could cause trauma to the organ that could render a permanent disability.

Important reminders:

Before using erectile dysfunction vacuum devices, it is best to consult health care professionals before using it. This is to ensure safety and proper handling of the gadget.