Ergonomic Office Equipment

With the fear of lawsuits related to workplace injuries today, employers would be wise to consider investing in ergonomic office equipment. However, there are many other benefits, both to the employer and the employee, of using ergonomic office equipment. Until recently, it was not considered dangerous to one’s health to work in an office setting. Offices seem relatively harmless compared to warehouses and factories where injuries are easily foreseeable. However, there are possible injuries that can happen in offices as well. Office related injuries are usually long term wear and tear problems. These types of issues can cause employees to use more of their health insurance and employer provided assistance programs as well as to miss more work and be less productive when they are working.

Some common injuries and health problems that happen to office employees are overuse injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis as well as eye problems. Those who type on computers at their offices, are at risk of developing problems in their wrists, shoulders, backs and other parts of their bodies from sitting in chairs and using keyboards all day long. There are ways to lessen this impact, such as encouraging stretching, but, it is often worth it to invest in ergonomic equipment as a long term solution.

Some examples of ergonomic office equipment include special desks, chairs, keyboards and computer mice. Ergonomic desks often include slide out drawers for computer keyboards, and these drawers are typically adjustable so they can fit the appropriate height and can tilt and incline as needed. These can be a huge help in lessening carpal tunnel syndrome. In addition, special computer mice are available that are easier on the hands and wrists of those using them. It is also important to look up information on how to appropriately adjust the arm of the desk chair to appropriately match the keyboard and the mouse position in order to minimize the likelihood of carpal tunnel syndrome developing. As for problems in the shoulder and back and tendonitis in other parts of the body, ergonomic desk chairs can do a lot to help.

Ergonomic office equipment is typically a little more expensive than traditional equipment. It is usually worth investing in these purchases rather than saving money initially on uncomfortable equipment only to have unhappy, unhealthy and unproductive employees. If bought in bulk, employers can often find discounts on ergonomic office equipment. Sometimes, programs are available to help or to reward employers who invest in ergonomic equipment for the good of their employees.

If you are self employed or are responsible for your own office equipment, it is worth it for you to invest in ergonomic equipment that will be good for your health long term. Aside from the cost of replacing equipment later on down the road, this will be a one-time expense that will definitely pay off. You can also write off this equipment on your taxes, and you may be able to get discounts on your health insurance if you can prove that you are using equipment that will likely reduce visits to the doctor and health problems later on down the road.

Ergonomic office equipment is usually available at the same place where normal office equipment is found. As the market has changed to favor ergonomic equipment, and customers have become familiar with the risks associated with using office equipment, almost all equipment now is made to cater to be ergonomic on some level. However, some retailers and companies specialize in only ergonomic equipment and will offer more selections.