Essential Equipments That You Need For Your Kitchen

1. The equipments for grill.
For seafood lovers, any kind of seafood such as shrimps, crabs or squids, etc. There are some thing that you should know about grilling equipments, that is, the materials that they made from has ability to absorb and keep the heat, then affects to the time of cooking become faster. Also, if the coating material of equipment can absorb the heat easily, this will help to reduce the time of cooking.

Nowadays, there are 2 types of grilling equipments or what we generally called "Grill" available.

1) The type that uses charcoal and

2) The type that uses electricity.

The important thing to considering choosing the good grill is both type have to be made from the materials that be able to absorb and maintain heat consistently.

2. The equipments for baking
Almost kind of sweets either bread or cakes are all the food that baked from oven. What makes different between oven and microwave is that microwave are normally used to cook or warm dried food rather than cooking a new dish, but oven is suitable for cooking various kind foods such as meals, dessert, meat, fish or even cake!

3. Is there any different between kitchen equipments used in house and equipment used in condominium.
Typically, there are not much different between cooking in house and cooking in condominium in terms of usage. Some of the equipment are very similar and can be used in both conditions, such as electric rice cooker, electric frying pan, spoons, forks, ladles, etc.
Many people have changed to use electric frying pan increasingly. New innovation of frying pan has emerged in what we can see in its coating material, which allow the food never be buried to the pan surface and the coating material itself has capacity to absorb and maintain heat.

The easy way to clean your kitchen equipment
Each of the equipment are different in terms of usage and characteristics, therefore the way that use to clean and maintain them should be also different.
For example, frying pan that made from iron material, this type of equipment must be kept and maintain very carefully, especially in proper humidity, in order to protect the equipment from rust because after we cook, there will be slough of food and oil stick At the pan's surface. Therefore, cleaning method must be done extensively. The method applied in order to get rid of those sloughs, try to burn the pan by using high degree of fire or heat before clean it by dish washing liquid

Advice about cleaning your kitchen equipment
Before cleaning, try to soak all of the equipment into the washer liquid for about 10-15 minutes, because the washer liquid generally has ability to wiping fat and all of slough and this will help get rid of those that buried easily.