Essential Tips for Easy Windows Air Conditioner Maintenance

There are different ways to beat the heat in summer time. You can go to beach and relax yourself or go to local swimming pool and cool yourself down. But these are simply temporary methods to deal with this season. The best and cheapest alternative to enjoy even your summer time would be installing a mini air conditioner. These window conditioners are affordable and can easily fit into any window in your house and your office cabins. Unlike split a / cs they are easy to maintain too. By reading this article, you will come to know some of the important tips that would make your experience of windows air conditioner maintenance easy and convenient.

The common components are a blower, evaporator coil, condenser coil, thermostat, filter, fan and a compressor. There is nothing complicated when it comes to windows air conditioner maintenance. Anyone who has basic knowledge of the parts can clean them easily. However, internal maintenance of sealed refrigeration circuit consisting of coils, compression and motor should be left to technical assistance only. But by keeping certain things in mind, you can not only increase your air conditioner's life but also make it strong and efficient.

Important step of windows air conditioner maintenance is to keep the removed window units in a clean and dry place when you are not using it, especially during winter season. Always remember to keep the unit in an upright position in order to prevent any unpleasant incident of refrigerant and oil migration. For its easy cleaning, start with removing the covering of the window air conditioner from outside and then dismount the unit from the frame in the wall and keep it on a flat, dry surface on the floor. Only then remove the front covering of your unit.

Make sure to use a soft brush while using a vacuum cleaner. Slowly and gently rub the brush over the condenser coil. Do not hurry or be harsh since these parts are very delicate. You can also use a hose but be careful for the motor should not get wet in anyway. Next step would be to check bent fins on the condenser coil. You can easily comb it by using a coil fin comb. Replace your air filter if you find it damaged. You can even wash it to clean the dirt and fix it back when it is completely dry.

The last step of windows air conditioner maintenance would be to reinstall your unit by placing the front and back cover into its frame. Cleaning your air conditioner is not a difficult task. By following these simple steps regularly you will surely make your unit efficient and long lasting.