Essential Violin Accessories

Every violin player needs some accessories to play well and to perform consistently under the spotlight. Obviously none of these are necessary to actually play the instrument, but truth be told, if you do not have a few essential items along your violin, you will be behind each other player who does. So do not let it happen to you! Here are some essential violin accessories to add to your arsenal that will improve your playing ability and keep you on top of any piece you play.

Most important of all, get dark cloth wrapped rosin. Rosin is essential, and you do NOT want to buy the cheap stuff. The reason why is simple. If you pay 5 dollars for rosin and it lasts you two years, which is a short period of time for rosin, you will end two long years of using rosin that does not provide your bow with good grip. What purpose does that serve? Instead of spending 5 dollars, spend 15 or 20 on quality cloth wrapped dark rosin that will provide you with good results for years to come. It's only a few dollars more and you will have that rosin for a long time.

Then you need a good metronome and tuner! This is not an option. Metronomes are essential and you should never be without one. Whether it's slow practicing scales or putting it up against your beat on the important piece You're going to be performing in two weeks, you need to have a solid metronome with good features and a loud beat. This may be annoying to use at first, but you will get over quickly, especially if you want to succeed and play more effectively and with less practice time. Get yourself one!

If you plan on playing in an orchestra, you will most definitely need a mute. Mutes are small pieces of rubber that cling to the bridge of the violin and silence some of the light overtones played by the strings on the violin. This produces a much more mellow, quieter sound that a lot of orchestras use in various pieces, particularly in romantic and contemporary era music. Definitely a must for someone who plans on being in an orchestra.

But no matter how many accessories you have, not a single one is more important than having a fine teacher and a good method on learning how to play violin. This is very, very important and can create a critical difference between one violinist and another. Do not allow yourself to focus too much on the details of violin playing and forget about it!