Estimating Your Painting Project

How to estimate the cost of painting your home …

Despite what most people think there is an accurate way of estimating the cost of your home by measuring the surfaces you require to be painted and applying those figures to a pre determined pricing plan to allow for a fairly accurate estimation.

The way of which the measurements are taken is in the form of square meterage it is shown as an area with the symbol m2. It is defined as the area of ​​a square where sides measure measure exactly one meter in length & height. In order to work out the measurements of all areas requiring painting it will take only a few calculations. For instance when measuring ceiling area you must multiply a rooms length and width as the ceiling area is the same as the floor area. So if a room is 3m x 3m the ceiling area will be 9sqm. Now with ceiling that's have stops and starts, you must work in sections gaining measurements per section then adding to create a whole measurement. Sometimes due to angles it is reasonably impossible to work out a complex ceiling exactly, however if you work by breaking areas into smaller squares or rectangles it becomes much easier to gauge the surface area.

Example: 2 x 3 + 3 x 4 + 1 x 2.5 = 20.5 square meters

Wall area is a little easier, with this area we must multiply the lineal meter of the wall area by the given height of the ceiling in order to get an accurate measurement. If the ceiling height variants then sections of wall must be done separately to others, once again break things down to their simplest form. The easiest way of calculating the wall area is by using a distance measuring wheel. With this tool we will walk the walls of the areas requiring painting and once finished we will have an accurate distance of wall area. Once the figure has been acquired we must multiply the distance by the height of the ceiling

Example: 23lm x 2.4m = 55.2 square meters

The added advantage of using a measuring wheel is that with only one measurement we can allow for 2 different sets of pricing. By calculating the distance of the wall area, we are also gathering the lineal meter measurement of the skirting board as well.

All that is left is counting the remaining doors, windows and door frames to be painted along with taking into account the different types of preparation needed which can allow to give an accurate figure when placed within a pre determined pricing schedule.

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