ETQ TG72K12 Camping Generator

The ETQ TG72K12 8250 Watt 13 HP Gas Powered Camping Generator is also widely used as one of the top models for home use. With it's 13 horse power motor it delivers 8250 watts at maximum output this unit can power multiple appliances at one time without hesitation and it can operate for up to 10.5 hours on 50% load.

In addition to handling any power out it is mobile enough to take along as an RV source of power as well as power all the essential appliances during an emergency at home. It also has a built-in electric start option available for easy start-ups.

The throttle control technology is able to speed up the engine whenever more electricity is needed which also helps the engine last longer while providing the maximum fuel efficiency possible.

The ETQ TG72K 8250 W Reviews:

The reviews for the ETQ 8250 watt gas-powered model were very good with a rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars. Most reviewers agreed that this was an excellent value for the price with all the included features and the amount of power it deliveries.

Some people commented that they liked the idle control especially when charging batteries. Other reviewers liked that it had a fuel gauge in addition to a built-in hour meter. Attaching the wheels and handle assembly was simple as well as starting the unit, most reported that it started by the second or third pull for the first time when using the pull start and the first time there after.

People have reported that this model performed flawlessly in cases of emergency during the after math of disasters such as hurricanes where they were without power for up to ten days. During that time the only time they stopped the unit was to add fuel it ran continuously and perfectly during that time.

A few individuals reported that they did not like the location of the pull start cord and wished it was in a different location but that it still worked okay for them. A couple of other people were not happy that the battery for the automatic start was not included but were able to find a battery at Wal-mart for a nominal cost.

In short this is a very well made unit and the vast majority of people are very happy with this model as a generator for home use, or as a unit for RV generator and would recommend this unit to others and it gets our recommendation as well as a powerful, well-built, durable and versatile generator.