Eureka Copper Canyon 1512 Cabin Tent

The Eureka Copper Canyon 1512 Cabin Tent is a splendid choice for those who are looking for extra space. This Eureka 2010 Model is a massive 180 sq ft tent that lets 12 people conveniently enjoy camping. With vertical walls, you enjoy plenty of interior space. The 7 foot 4 inches high roof gives you enough space to walk around without bumping.

This camping tent comes with 2 D doors and 6 windows that provide plenty of ventilation. It also has mesh screens to protect you from mosquitoes and bugs. The rooftop has 4 see through panels that let you enjoy the spectacular view of the sky.

The Eureka Copper Canyon 1512 Cabin Tent keeps you safe and dry during strong winds and extreme rain. It features awning poles and guy lines to help you escape from getting soaked. When not in use, the guy lines can be neatly tucked in pockets. The bathtub floors give you extra protection from the wet ground.

This Eureka tent comes with removable curtains that allow you to divide the room into 2. You can have some privacy from your kids or another family. The tent includes 2 ports for extending electrical cords. These ports zip open and have nylon flaps that stop rain from getting in. The tent also provides several organizers for your advantage. This camping tent is durable, comfortable and easy to set up.

The Eureka Copper Canyon 1512 Cabin Tent received tremendous response from reviewers. Almost all of them agreed that it is an ideal tent for camping. Some said that it protected them from severe weather conditions. Most of them marvelled at the tent’s massiveness. They could store king size mattresses, tables, cribs, and plenty of other stuffs and yet move around very freely. The reviewers appreciated the quality and design of this tent. One reviewer felt that he couldn’t have asked for more.

A few of the reviewers commented on the strength of the stakes. Some of them said that the ground cover was not effective but suggested that a 16′ to 12′ tarp would be a perfect solution. However, most of the reviews were favourable.

The Eureka Copper Canyon 1512 Cabin Tent is a unique, voluminous tent from the ever popular Eureka. It is an excellent choice for a larger group and satisfies all your needs. With a sunlight rooftop, you can stargaze and enjoy camping.