Euro Headlights Versus Projector Headlights!

Belonging to the league of Euro Taillights, the Euro headlights too define a distinctive headlight housing style, which is being eyed as one of the most viable replacements for the originally company installed headlight housings.

Generally, the originally installed headlight assemblies are plain and boring, especially in the old models. Euro taillights serve as the effective medium of spicing up these boring vehicles as the several reflectors and lights can be easily arranged into attractive and stylish arrays onto a classy chrome base, covered with a smoky or clear lens.

Usually, the Euro headlights are constructed using the parabolic headlight reflectors coupled with high quality original bulbs like LED bulbs, Halogen bulbs, or HID bulbs. Mostly, the main segment of the headlight is surrounded with a halo, in order to impart a classy and stylish look. Moreover, in some cases additional elements like side reflectors (red/yellow) or LED running illuminations are encapsulated in the headlight enclosure.

On the other hand, projector headlights refer to the basic fixture, which is present inside the headlight housing. Such illuminations are constructed out of an elliptical shaped reflector, with an illumination positioned in front of the projector. Unlike a parabolic reflector, which reflects the light in a dispersed fashion, an elliptical reflector focuses the illumination onto a single focal point, generally set in front of the headlight bulb. In order to make the illumination shine properly downwards, a shutter is included in the entire setup and is placed near the focal point of the reflector in order to block the beam partially. This mode of operation is referred as the low beam mode.

Moreover, the topmost edge of the shutter is tapered properly in order to direct a maximum amount of illumination in the rightward direction. This avoids blinding of the drivers who are approaching the vehicle from the oncoming lane. In countries where the vehicles are driven on the left side of the roads, the taper direction of the shutter is reversed completely.

When a single headlight fixture is used for both the modes of operation, namely the low and high beam modes, a solenoid is included in the headlight assembly. This solenoid is responsible for lowering the shutter in the high beam mode operation and offers completely unrestricted illumination.

If the headlight arrangement is dual in nature, the position of the low beam shutter is fixed. The illumination produced by the projector headlight is much focused and sharp and this makes driving much safer even in the dark and during inclement weather conditions. Many of the projector headlights are encircled by the halos referred as demon or angel eyes. A number of distinctive methods of illumination are used for illuminating the halos in the projector headlight setups.