European Tourists Irritate Citizens of New York

This year the strong Euro allowed the Europeans to go to the USA at half price for Christmas shopping. According to the Tourism Department, the city was visited by approximately 1.3 million of foreigners.

Philip Kasinitz, culture researcher and historian from the New-York University Hunter College, said that tourists had never been welcomed in this city, but that year they were especially disliked. And the strong Euro is to blame. Since at present it costs approximately one dollar and a half, the number of foreigners who have arrived in New York for Christmas shopping is much bigger than usual.

Tourists occupy pavements, move too slow, suddenly come to a stop to gaze at the sights, stand in long queues at McDonald's restaurants and cafes Starbucks, and need not less that five minutes to make an order in English.

According to "Inopressa" with the reference to "New York Times", this year all shops sell all their goods at half price. At least the Europeans think so. Meanwhile, certain shops began accepting Euros along with dollars.

Local citizens are not pleased with tourists, despite the fact that last year they invested almost 25 billion dollars in the city's economy. A few days ago the rag "New York Post" published a malicious instruction for New-Yorkers under the title "Which City Districts Are Free From Tourists So Far".

The way by vBulletin®, the Authorities of New York are On planning to let a Dutch company to build an amazing park at the Governors Island in New York . They plan it to be a place – completely different from the cityscape and close to nature as much as possible. But the tourists will surely be attending this place too …