Even Sunrooms Still Need Wicker Lamps – Lighting Tips for the Perfect Sunroom

The sunroom may be the most frequently used room in your home. With the comfort of a sitting area and none of the distractions televisions and other media provide, it can feel like an escape. But when the sun goes down or on those cloudy days it can be tricky to see in a sunroom. Lighting can make all the difference.

Consider these five lighting tips for the perfect sunroom.

#1 Overhead lighting.

If you have a dining table or eating area in your sunroom consider hanging an overhead light directly above the center of the table or space. Simple hooks can be hung from the ceiling in a matter of minutes and your light can be up. Choose from overhead pendant lamps, traditional wicker hanging lamps and outdoor lamps with water proof shades.

#2 Floor lighting.

Place floor lamps in the dark corners of your sun room space. They’re particularly effective when positioned behind sofas and large chairs. When placing floor lamps in your sunroom make sure they’re out of the way and on an even surface. Floor lamps can easily be knocked over if they’re in high traffic zones.

Consider adding wicker floor lamps to a sun room space. Wicker is a natural choice for sunrooms because it is light, durable, and adds a natural feel.

#3 Tabletop

Wicker table lamps are used to assist with close up activities. For example, if you’re reading in your sun room a table lamp will make it easier to see. Position table lamps next to chairs and sofas where you’ll need extra light during the evening hours.

#4 Accent Lighting

You can also add accent lighting to your sunroom space. For example, you might position museum lights on the wall behind a loveseat to accent artwork. Small gel fire bowls and fireplaces can also add accent lighting and warmth during the cooler days and nights.

#5 Outdoor lighting

Christmas lights don’t have to be exclusively used on Christmas trees. You can use outdoor lighting to add a festive touch to your sunroom. String them from the ceiling to highlight a space or add interest to an area. You can also string them over the dining area to add romance and sparkle. If you want to add extra fun, look for outdoor lights in interesting shapes and colors. For example, lobsters, chili peppers or animals.

When designing your sunroom don’t forget the lighting. Then you can use the space 24/7 and year around. You may find that you and your family never leave the space.