Evenflo Breast Pumps Review

Evenflo is regarded as a global leader in high quality baby care and juvenile products, and has maintained that position for over 85 years. Initially, they manufactured exclusively baby care products, but over time, they combined with other companies to form an enterprise dedicated to providing a huge variety of products for children from their early years of infancy all the way up through preschool. They take parental feedback very seriously, and place a tremendous amount of value on their customers. They provide many ways to contact the company with input and criticism, and they also provide much in the way of parent education.

The Evenflo Comfort Select Manual Breast  Pump  features an Adjustable Vacuum control dial, so mom can emulate her baby’s suckling pattern closely, making for maximum comfort and performance. It is one of the most effective manual  pumps  on the market, with its soft horn insert and ergonomic, comfort-grip handle, which both make the  pumping  experience easier, more effective, and more personalized. All of its parts are dishwasher safe, so clean up is a breeze, and it is compatible with reusable 4- or 8-ounce bottles. The main set includes accessories like a 4-oz bottle, nipple, sealing disc, four disposable nursing pads, and a carrying case.

Evenflo also has a brand new, more powerful model in the Comfort Select Performance Dual Auto-Cycling Breast  Pump . Its dual motors allow for faster  pumping  in a shorter time, with a quicker flow of milk. Also included are 2 additional overflow valves for additional convenience. The automatic cycling simulates the suckling patterns of a baby effortlessly, and the same adjustable vacuum control dial maximizes efficiency and gives mom just as much control as she has with the manual  pump . The design is also very safe for mothers and babies alike. The  pump  horn contains a cushion insert that is made of full silicone, without BPA, which allows for customized sizing. The milk collection is also completely transparent, so mom can be sure that it is totally clean before  pumping . For power, it has two options. You can use the included A/C adapter to plug into any outlet, or use batteries.

Also available is a deluxe storage bag for on-the-go  pumping . It has a chill tote and ice pack to keep the milk fresh for long periods of time between  pumping  sessions. Sold separately are polypropylene milk storage bottles (BPA free as well).

Evenflo Breast  Pumps  has solidified itself as a household name, and with good reason. It is a brand known for high quality. Every product, including its breast  pumps , is made with a perfect blending of comfort, durability, user-friendliness, and technology, all of which eliminate the normal hassles and problems associated with  pumping .