Evenflo Comfort Select Double Breast Pump Review

I bought the Evenflo Select Double Breast Pump pump a few weeks ago and I’ve used it pretty much every day, for 20 minutes per session. I decided to go with the double pump to increase my milk supply (I’ve been using a single).

It’s done the job I’ve bought it for so far, and it hasn’t shown anything in terms of wear and tear or breaking at all. It has its positives and negatives.


-Very comfortable. The Evenflo Pump was much more comfortable than the Avent Isis Uno Pump I had been using before. Pumping used to make my nipples sore for hours after, and now it doesn’t happen so much.

-Increased supply. It’s true that double pumping helps your milk supply. Since I’ve started my milk has increased by about 3-4 oz per session, and sometimes it does the job faster than 15 min.

-No backup. As long as it’s dry, this pump doesn’t require any maintenance as long as you wash it regularly with hot water after pumping.


-VERY loud. I wanted to take this to work to pump in the back room, but the thing is so loud I’m afraid my coworkers would be distracted by it or even be uncomfortable. I can’t take it to work for this reason, so there’s only a few times during the day that I can pump.

-The side without the motor is slightly less powerful. This isn’t a huge deal. All you have to do is switch the side half-way through pumping.

-Small parts. It’s kind of a bear to put together. Also, when cleaning it after pumping the parts are sometimes hard to reach because their so darn tiny.

Overall, it’s decent pump. I would really like it if it didn’t buzz so loudly, but for my purposes, I can live with it. I would recommend it to someone who pumps occasionally and likes a comfortable and effective pump.