Every Man

Every Shrek needs a Fiona like Cinderella needed a fitting shoe.

Every Beast needs to be loved by Beauty before the “Last Rose Petal” drops.

Every Aladdin needs a Princess that would love him for who and not what he is.

Every Prince needs an Ariel who would give up her own world no matter how glamorous it is, to explore the whole new world of his; that she knew absolutely nothing about.

Every Hulk needs a Betty Rose whose sight would calm him and turn him back into a charming young man, anywhere everywhere, anytime every time.

Every Hell Boy needs a Liz Sherman who would see beyond his ugly look and love him for the treasures that lie within.

Every Trevor Goodchild needs an Aeon Flux to love him both in this life and in the next.

Every Terry Sheridan needs a Lara Croft that would not only raid tombs, but raid his heart too.

Every Akeem needs a Lisa that has so longed for a man who knows how to “treat her like a lady”.

Every Jake Sally needs a Neytiri that would show him the ways of her world, her people, her heritage and her traditions… just to make him part of them.

Every Batman needs a Rachael Dawes he would fly to.

Every Spiderman needs a Mary Jane that he would throw webs and crawl on walls to get to.

Every Iron Man needs a Virginia “Pepper” Potts that would touch him tenderly despite the “hardness” of his outfit.

Every King Ahasu-e’rus needs an Esther that would lead him to do God’s Will and not a Vashti that would not honour his summons both in public and behind closed doors.

Every Joseph needs a Mary who would let it be unto her according to God’s Word.

Every Boaz needs a Ruth that would refuse to leave but stay glued to him, take his people and his God as hers.

Every Superman needs a Lois Lane that would wait for him while he is away.

Every Iceman needs a Rogue that he can touch.

Every Daredevil needs an Elektra that would not let her tendency toward violence and lust for mercenary lifestyle keep them apart.

Every Wolverine wish he doesn’t have to kill his Jane Grey to save the world.

Every Samson needs a Delilah that would protect and not hand him over to the enemy.

Every Adam needs an Eve that will offer him the fruit from the tree of life instead.

Every Lot needs an Ado (Lot’s Wife who turned Pillar of Salt) that would TOTALLY forget about the past behind and FOCUS only on the future that lies ahead.

Every Romeo needs a Juliet that would make her intentions known to him. Two heads are better than one, isn’t that what they say?

Every Goodluck needs a Patience that would not address widows as “fellow” while he is still alive. More so, he needs “Patience” to overlook and withstand further gunshots as they are dished out from time to time.

Every Barack needs a Michelle that holds in high esteem the values that build a great family and keep them closely knitted, with or without the “spotlights”.

I am Bunnie, who COMPLETELY needs Lilie to become My Wife; to have and to hold her from “that” day forward, for better for best, in wealth and in more wealth, in health and in sound health, to love and to cherish, until the end of time.