Everything About the Law of Attraction Is a Lie

The Law of Attraction does not work. It is complete nonsense. An absolute load of rubbish. You do not get what you want just because you want it, and the whole concept of "creative visualizing" is something that should be dumped altogether.

Now that got your attention, did not it? At least I have got you reading up until this point! You know, the paradox is that for the person who would utter the above statements it is a truth. The person who actually does not believe the Law of Attraction to be a force in action, will get the results in his / her life that reflect that belief and will reinforce it.

Most of us now know that the Law of Attraction is universal, and that we can not deny its effects. But, that does not mean there is no resistance! History proves to come about slowly.

Up until the point that Columbus circumnavigated the globe and actually returned home, many (many!) People believed the earth to be flat.

And not even too long ago it was postulated by respected scientists that human beings should not drive faster than approx. 45km / h, otherwise they would suffocate. Lastly, before Roger Bannister broke the four-minute limit on running the mile, hardly anyone considered it humanly possible to run that fast.

All the examples that were thought impossible and not true proved to be possible and true in the end.

The same goes for the Law of Attraction (LOA). As far as I am concerned personally, the LOA is a major force in the universe, which we can actually use consciously to create our life with (to a very high degree). I do realize, though, that the ultimate (universal) paradigm sketched above allows for the "nay-sayers" to be right as well. If you do not believe the LOA works, the LOA will happily help you to maintain that belief by not working for you! There's the good old rule: what you consistently think about and feel about is going to come about!

Even the "yea-sayers" have trouble trusting the application of the LOA every now and then-included! The concept is still so new for many of us, that this doubt and lack of trust is quite understandable. With the conscious application LOA, we are moving to a completely new paradigm, even though the concept has been written about and practiced for decades, if not centuries. There are more people latching on to the concept now, which means a GLOBAL "repatterning" of our belief systems. This is where it differs from the smaller groups that were practicing the principles.

The major issue I come across in my NLP Coaching practice in terms of application of the LOA is the subject of "letting go": not being attached to the outcome of our desires. I have written about "letting go" earlier already, and want to get as much clarity about it as I can. That is why my next article will delve into the specifics of "letting go" even further.

All my clients that "get it" make quantum leaps in their growth, successes and achievements. As far as I am concerned it is where the key to freedom lies, financially, spiritually, professionally or otherwise.

Let's go down the rabbit hole.