Everything You Need To Know About A Calcium Diet

Calcium is important for the development of our bones and teeth. Everyone knows that. But the question is: how to add calcium to your everyday diet? Keep reading on to learn about some of the rich sources of calcium and how to form a calcium diet.

Teenagers should get their calcium from milk. Fortified cereals and fortified orange juice are also good options to add to a calcium diet. Oatmeal, dairy products like frozen yoghurt and processed cheese, rice, green vegetables like broccoli and spinach, and fish such as tuna and sardines are rich sources of calcium.

In order to obtain optimal levels of calcium everyday you need to make sure that the above-mentioned calcium diet is strictly followed. However, many of us complain that the milk available to us today does not provide half the calcium that is found in pure milk. Similarly, some people do not like eating vegetables and there are still others who do not like the taste of fish.

What to do if your daily diet is not sufficient to provide you with adequate quantities of calcium? Fortified cereals are a good way to start off. However, to address calcium deficiency in adults and in some children as well, doctors normally recommend consumption of calcium-rich tablets or to make liquid calcium supplements as part of your calcium diet.

There are many kinds of supplements now available on the market. Calcium carbonate has been found to be the best source of calcium as it provide up to 40% of elementary calcium and also reduces acidity in the stomach. Look around to find nutritional supplements made from coral calcium. This kind of calcium is obtained from fossil coral reefs above sea level in an environmentally friendly manner. It's the most refined form of calcium carbonate and also contains traces of many other important minerals.

Coral calcium is good for health as it is readily absorbed by the bloodstream. Certain minerals found in this type of calcium like magnesium and phosphorus have health benefits of their own. All these minerals work together to fight against many deadly diseases and help in maximum absorption of calcium by the bones and teeth.

It is important to know that marine coral calcium is not that much beneficial as it is not readily absorbed by the blood. Coral calcium, on the other hand, provides many extra benefits including assistance in weight loss and treatment of depression in women.