Everything You Need To Know About Penis Pumps

Lack of enough knowledge about penis pumps creates a mystery around them and allows for myths and false notions about them. Here, I propose to dispel those unfounded myths and get the real facts in front of you.

I receive several emails with questions about penis pumps. I picked out the most common questions that are frequently asked and decided to clarify on those.

1. Are penis pumps safe?

2. Will a penis pump actually enlarge my penis?

To make sure you understand the importance of what I am trying to tell you in this article, I am bringing before you the truth about penis pumps. What better way to understand than reading others view on this. Here’s what different sources in this field have to say about penis pumps:

1. Info From the website of Penis Video:

No doubt you’ve seen countless gimmicks, tools, and contraptions that claim to enlarge the penis. We’ve all seen things like the much touted Vacuum Pump. But do they really work? Let’s take a look at how these devices supposedly ‘work’, and the possible problems you could have if you choose to use them.

VACUUM PUMP PROBLEMS: Vacuum Pumps have seem to have been around for ages, yet do you know anyone who has received REAL results using them? The main idea behind vacuum pumping is that you try to force blood into your penis and force it to grow.

On the surface this seems ok, possibly even in line with some of what we are explaining in Our Unique Program. However, always think twice before using any product such as a vacuum pump, because the side effects and repercussions can be quite severe!”

The problem with a pump is it uses forced vacuum power, not exercise that stimulates. This can lead to broken blood vessels, which can actually CAUSE various diseases and problems such as Peyronnie’s disease. Peyronnie’s disease is caused by trauma or a minor accident to the penis, (such as over pumping).

The initial accident may be minor, but as the injury heals, scar tissue forms and deformation results. Basically, it makes a once normal healthy penis curved or crooked. This is NOT something we’re trying to achieve! Also, other problems you could encounter if you use a pump are:

* Much effort, little if any permanent result.

* Discouraging results (temporary results only). This causes many men to over-pump, thinking that more is better. This is WRONG and leads to injury.

* Possible risk of blisters.

* Possible risk of burst capillaries.

* Possible risk of improper circulation to the testicles and penis.

2. From the website of InVigorex:

Vacuum Pumps – Although pumps do work temporarily (usually for about half an hour) this is unsuitable for surprise occasions, also these pumps have been known to leave scars, bruises and in some cases gangrene, causing much pain to the penis.

Pumps “supposedly” work by placing a tube over your penis and then pumping the air out of the tube. This temporarily swells the penis, but does not increase the blood capacity in the cells of the penis which is necessary to achieve permanent size gains. Other downsides of vacuum pumps are:

* risk of temporary impotence

* risk of painful blisters

* dislocating and bruising

* bleeding from burst capillaries

* too much effort with too little result

We DO NOT recommend using this method, EVER. Penis pumps could prove to be dangerous!

* Using a vacuum pump may cause bruising or even worse, rupture the blood vessels superficially on the surface or deep within the penis and scrotum. This may result in hemorrhage or hematoma formation. Sounds pretty scary doesn’t it?

* If you use a vacuum pump without knowing exactly how it is done, this could cause aggravatin of any already existing medical issues. Some of the conditions include priaism, Peyronie’s disease, and urethral strictures. Ultimately, it may cause the penis to swell and a permanent damage may result.

Wow! These warnings sound pretty scary!

After having read all the above, I certainly would never take such a huge risk with my penis and I am sure you wouldn’t either.

Let me sum it up for you..

* A penis pump WILL NOT help in enlarging your penis permanently.

* Penis pumps are used by people who have erectile dysfunction and you are unable to get an erection on your own. DO NOT use it unless you have this problem.

* Penis pumps can cause serious damage to the penis. Situation can be even worse if you don’t know how they are used.

* If you have an issue with your penis and hope to enlarge it, I suggest that you try a good penis exercise program and a good penis herbal supplement. With so many options out there, it is not advisable to even think about the penis pump.

Stay away from penis pumps. Simple and clear!