Everything You Should Know About The Treatment With Fillers

The aging process begins on the day when we are born. As we age the facial signs become more evident. The aging process is different in each individual so that loss of firmness and elasticity of the skin may occur in proportions and at different time intervals from one person to another. With age skin loses its elasticity and becomes drier because the fat underneath disappears. This last aspect lowers wrinkles and skin suppleness.

Current techniques used for improving skin appearance by removing the aging signs and shaping facial contours have noticeable results and offer a sense of self confidence for every patient. One of the methods commonly used to fight against aging is through cosmetic substances injected in the skin, known as fillers.

Collagen is a natural protein that forms a network in the skin, increasing its suppleness and elasticity. With age this network is "weakening", forming wrinkles that become permanent. Collagen injection is a simple procedure, as well as a fast and reliable method to get rid of wrinkles or to increase the volume of lips. Before using it patients are advised to undergo allergy testing because the product is of animal origin.

Other substance that is often used with fillers is hyaluronic acid. It is present in the body providing skin volume. In time it disappears from the skin completely due to intrinsic factors, such as the age and sex of the patient, but also because of temperature, wind, sun and medicines. Treatment with hyaluronic acid is recommended for adults of all ages. It is particularly useful for fine wrinkles and for restoring facial contours.

Next, calcium hydroxyapatite is a compound of calcium and phosphate ions that are naturally found in some human tissues (teeth and bones). Injecting this substance provides outstanding cosmetic effects whose duration lasts between 18 and 24 months. However, this depends on many factors so that results can vary with age, texture of skin, genetics, lifestyle and even the muscle activity of the treated area. It is used more for deep wrinkles.

Finally, fat injection is a procedure used for removing wrinkles by injecting fatty tissues obtained from patients, so as to exclude any risk of allergic reactions. The effect persists for several months after the first injection, but may become permanent after its repetition. The tissue is harvested using either a syringe or liposuction from some areas of the body such as the abdomen or hips.