Everything You Want To Know About Problematic Swollen Doors

Doors made of wood tend to function inaptly during every season. You can expect them to shrink during winters, expand during summers and absorb moisture to swell during monsoons or if you live in a humid area. Out of these situations, the swollen doors are most difficult to deal with. These become sticky, won’t close easily and are even harder to open up. If you face the problem already or are about to install a new wooden door, here is a useful discussion you need to go through.

Taking Precaution

Whenever you install a new door, make sure that it is treated with a quality exterior sealant. It is necessary that a minimum of 3 sealant layers are coated. Pay attention to the base as well as the edges of the door as they too require coatings and not just the door’s front and back. Experts also advise that the procedure is followed once in every 12-18 months.

Regular inspection may also help you avoid the swelling of doors. For example, you must ensure that the door has not attained cracks from where it may become prone to moisture. If that happens, use a primer or paint to fill the cracks. The paint may also wear along the edges causing lumps that may also lead to stickiness. Check and peel them off.

Moisture Is Not the Only Reason

While it is the moisture most of the time, there may be other reasons contributing towards the issue. First, the hinges and screws may get loose due to repeated opening and closing. Check for the same and fix them. You may also need to replace the screws to fit in the oversized holes. Next, the door or the door frame may get misaligned over time. You will need to call an expert to fix the problem.

Few Simple Steps to Take

You may try to resolve the issue with the help of a hairdryer or a heat gun. However, make sure that you maintain the right distance or you may end up burning the wood. You may also add shims to the door hinges as these make the door to tilt slightly and fit into the frame perfectly. In few cases, applying lubricant to the sticky area is also helpful. If you don’t have one in hand, you may also try to rub wax or soap.

What to Do if Nothing Works?

Sandpaper is an extremely useful remedy for swollen and sticky doors. Sand the area along the edges and beneath the door as it usually solves the trouble. You may also need to remove the door to accomplish this task. Calling an expert is what you need to do for this. If the problem is incurable, the expert may suggest replacing the door.

It is better to pay attention as soon as you notice the problem in case you wish to avoid spending more on repair.