Everything You Wanted to Know About New Fiber Cement Siding and Fiber Cement Board!

What is fiber cement siding
Fiber cement siding, sometimes called fiber cement board, is a composite material composed of silica, cement, sand, and water cured by pressurized steam. It is manufactured in layers forming a sheet of the desired thickness and a wood grain is usually imprinted onto the surface. It is made to imitate the various forms of wood siding, even shingle siding. It is also much more durable than vinyl and wood and less expensive than brick, stucco, and most hardboard.

Advantages of fiber cement siding
This type of siding is water and termite resistant, as well as fireproof. This alone makes it much more durable than wood siding. Most fiber cement siding is guaranteed to last for at least 50 years.

It has excellent weathering characteristics and is strongly encouraged in warm climates.

It is very low maintenance. Your siding can be colored at the factory and last up to 25 years. Most manufacturers have a full pallet of colors available and some even provide custom coloring.

Disadvantages of fiber cement siding
During installation, extra care must be taken to contain dust particles. Special blades must be used when cutting this type of siding.

Cost of fiber cement siding
Fiber cement siding is considered one of the best values ​​when it comes to comparing siding options. It has a slightly higher cost than vinyl, but the about the same cost as the wood siding it is made to imitate. Prices are about $ 200 – $ 600 per square foot, plus the cost of trim, accessories, and installation.