Examining Outdoor Fireplaces – 3 Different Types and Which One is Right For You

While there are three distinct categories of outdoor fireplaces to choose from: gas, wood, and fire pits, they all have similarities as well. All three are outdoor models and are easy to assemble, which means that you won’t need professional help or expensive tools and supplies to include one in your outdoor space. Most outdoor units are shipped in several pieces and take less than an hour to install.

Examining The Benefits Of Fire Pits

Fire pits are ideal choices for yards and patios with limited space, or for individuals with active lifestyles. Gas fire pits offer the same ambience and warmth of a traditional outdoor unit without the nuisance. They can be placed on the ground, on wood decks and patios, or smaller styles are perfect on a tabletop. They come with lava rocks, tumbled glass or ceramic logs to complete your genuine fire pit experience. Not only are they easy to operate and require little maintenance, but they also maintain their pleasing appearance year after year.

As great as gas fire pits are, it is hard to beat the allure of a real wood fire pit. They are as portable as their gas counterparts and can be enjoyed year round. Wood fire pits are available in many styles and are constructed from bronze, stainless steel, or cast iron. Accents such as copper, stone, and tile are also available on many models. Unlike gas fire pits, however, wood fire pits do require maintenance. Owners need to take care of burnt materials to prevent embers and soot from being spread across the patio and lawn. This problem is easily solved by keeping the fire pit clear of debris, by placing it in a low traffic spot, and by keeping it away from windy areas.

Wood And Charcoal Flexibility

A wood or charcoal burning outdoor model is a perfect addition to large lawns or patios. Outdoor fireplaces, unlike their fire pit counterparts, should be placed on a level area that has a concrete or other non-combustible surface. While fire pits are not designed for cooking, outdoor fireplaces can be purchased with charcoal or wood burning grilling features to complement their fireplace ambiance. This option is especially welcome for individuals who enjoy entertaining their friends and family on weekends or summer evenings with an appealing barbeque and a heartwarming fire afterwards.

Wood and charcoal burning fireplaces are constructed from a variety of materials that include stone and reinforced concrete mixtures and come in a wide range of designs. Each manufacturer has their own unique designs, and one of these will surely fit in with individual budgets and tastes. One manufacturer constructs easy-to-install units that have a double-walled construction of steel-reinforced concrete and quartz and is virtually maintenance free. All one needs to do is hose the unit down at the end of the season. Another maker offers easy-to-install units that come with a sandy finish and an aged concrete appearance. These models are designed for wood burning and include a grate and spark arrestor. A third producer offers a wide variety of large outdoor fireplaces that are constructed from heat-dissipating stone and come in eight different colors.

Hassle-Free Gas Fireplaces Provide The Perfect Atmosphere

Hectic lifestyles often leave people with little time to indulge in the fireplace experience. However, a gas outdoor fireplace is the perfect choice for individuals who enjoy the outdoor fire effect but do not have the time to allot for lighting and extinguishing a traditional fireplace. Constructed of stainless steel, they require no venting and can be installed almost anywhere. Versatility is one of the foremost features of outdoor gas fireplaces. Liquid propane or natural gas can be used as fuel. These units provide up to 40,000 BTUs that will provide the desired warm atmosphere without taking a bite out of your time. Another timesaving option is a tabletop fire bowl. It is quick and easy to assemble and uses clean burning technology, so there is no smoke and no ash. Made of a fire retardant magnesium composite and steel frame, this unit produces 12,000 BTUs and comes with a gas flow control. Lava rocks are included, which gives the flames their realistic appearance.

There are many options for people with a variety of lifestyles and needs. Knowing your area restrictions and time restraints will help you decide which type of outdoor unit is the perfect fit.