Excellent Way on How to Build PVC Parallel Bars

Parallel bars are commonly used in gyms and even in hospitals. Most often, this type of bar is a basic equipment utilized by gymnasts in performing gymnastic routines. There are different types of parallel bars and one of them is the PVC bar. This is a well-known type of parallel bar for men because of its affordability. On this page, you will learn how to build your own PVC parallel bar for your gymnastic needs. Building a PVC bar can be done in just one day.

There are certain materials needed in order to finish this project. You need to have the right dimensions. What you need to prepare are two 16-foot length of 2-inch wide PVC pipes, a PVC bond, PVC primer, eight PVC 2-inch T joints, four PVC 2-inch 90 degree elbow joints, five PVC 2-inch end caps, PVC saw, black marker and a tape measure. Gathering these materials will help you complete the preparation stage.

The next step is to measure and mark one of the 16-foot length PVC pipes into the correct measurements before you cut each section of the pipes. You must build one free-standing bar at a time to build a perfect size of a PVC bar. You also need to separate all components into a single pile so you will not have a hard time setting them up. Connecting each part the proper way will create a good PVC bar.

Setting up a PVC bar is easy for as long as you strictly follow the correct steps in building it. Consequently, you'll be able to enjoy doing some warm up exercises and rehearsals for your gymnastic routine. Performing some creative stunts in gymnastic becomes easier if you can practice with the use of parallel bars.