Exciting New Methods for Preparing Succulent Salmon

As far as delicious dinner is concerned, salmon is always a reliable and solid pick. After all, it tastes great in a pasta dish, atop of pizza, made into burger form, or simply drizzled with olive oil, grilled, and accentuated with a squeeze of lemon. And while perfecting any of these different recipes and having a delightful dinner is possible, the fact of the matter is that moving beyond that and trying something different is even more admirable, especially when the end result is truly succulent salmon.

While using planks and different methods to get a new salmon flavor are sometimes embraced by those who are really great in the kitchen and at the grill, a misconception that there is some elusive quality, the trick to smoking salmon well sometimes dissuades those who would otherwise be game to trying something new. And the truth of the matter is that the trick to smoking salmon is less about a complicated secret and more about trying it a couple of times to perfect technique. Starting with fabulous ingredients is also key, so picking up some tasty Alaska fillets that are on the fatty side is highly recommended, since when fish cooks for an extended amount of time, it should not be on the lean side. It will also help to ensure that, while smoking, the salmon does not dry out, which can result in a less than delectable final product.

Actually, the trick to smoking salmon is about the small details that go into the process, like remembering that the smoke is going to add a particular flavor, and that accordingly, it is important to keep that in mind when selecting what to marinate the fish in before the actual smoking process. Many people go the route of molasses for a sweet and smoky final product, though it's also worthwhile to mix up a mixture that is equal parts soy sauce and brown sugar, which will be that perfect combination so salty and sugary that goes so well with smoky hints of flavor.

There are plenty of people who set up their smokers perfectly, use the proper kind of charcoal, but do not take that little bit of time to choose wisely when marinating fish the evening before, so the end product ends up lacking the subtle flavor differences it could actually have. Remember, anytime that one is marinating something, leaving the object in question soaking in juice for at least eight hours is recommended to really get the necessary flavor. And of course, do not leave a smoker unattended if unsure about whether or not it is going to get the job done properly!