Executive Art and Christmas Gifts For The Oil and Gas Well Drilling Field

Have you been trying to find unique oilfield oil and gas Christmas gifts for a loved one or for your loyal employees? In recent years there have been many wonderful executive level oilfield gifts brought onto the market. It is possible to purchase truly unique oil and gas industry gift items from $7.49 all the way up to $3500.

If you are looking for some interesting gifts in the lower price range for the roughneck or oil well industry worker on your list you could possibly consider some of the many different types oil and gas keychains that are on the market. It is possible to find rotary tricone drill bit keychains for under $10 which are cast from fine pewter. If you are willing to spend a few more dollars these pewter tricone pendant keychains can be found gold plated. Also available in this price range are down the hole hammer bit and PDC pewter drill bit keychains. Perhaps you need a gift for somebody in the oil and gas well service industry? Cast pewter keychains can also be found in replicas of workover service rigs, oilfield elevators, BOP blowout preventers, and frac pumps. If you are willing to spend $49 – $90 PDC, hammer bit and tricone drill bit keychains can be purchased which are machined by hand from brass and then nickel and gold plated. The details of these replicas are amazing as they show grease caps, jets, api tapered threads and different tooth patterns on each cone. Hand machined PDC drill bit keychains can be found with exacting details like breakout wrench flats, api tapered threads, jets and even gem stones to represent teeth. If you really want to go all out diamonds can be set to represent the cutting teeth in the PDC drill bit keychain. Specialized laser engraving can even be added to many of these oilfield keychians in order to make a truly one of a kind gift that will be cherished forever. “Dog Tags” can also be printed in full color and added to these keychians making a wonderful promotional opportunity because you have enough space to list telephone numbers and other important company information on the tag.

Perhaps you are looking for a unique oilfield gift in the $189 – $600 price range. Every oil man is certain to want a gold plated desk top working pump jack model. These beautiful animated oilfield pump jack models are powered by a single “AA” battery and are mounted on a beautiful wooden base. Standing approximately 7″ tall they are certain to attract attention in any home or office. This type model can be purchased in the $189 dollar price range. If you are willing to spend $75 more dollars these gold plated oilfield pump jack models can be purchased with an oil derrick mounted beside the oil pump jack on the wooden base. If you want to make the biggest impression, purchase the model which includes a pump jack, oil derrick and even an oil tank battery with two holding tanks, ladder and walkway. This type miniature oilfield scene can be purchased in the $400 price range. Of course we must not forget about a gift for all the oil and gas drilling rig workers and executives who are drilling offshore. For them it is possible to purchase a gold plated working model of an offshore drilling rig platform. This miniature offshore animated drill rig model features a helicopter on a landing pad with blades that rotate. On the other side of the oilfield platform is a crane, which also rotates 360 degrees. Other features include stairways leading up to the working floor and a drilling derrick. All of these miniature gold plated working oil and gas models feature wooden bases which are large enough to have customized engraving plates added for that special touch.

If you are looking for the top of the line executive oilfield gift then maybe you should consider a 100% hand-made oil and gas drilling rig model. These models can be found which stand 33″ tall. They feature substructures and derricks, which fold down and rest on a crown stand. These oilfield drilling rig models are made from metal and every piece is soldered together by hand. These are truly wonderful pieces of oilfield art. Other details include working traveling blocks, detailed blowout preventers, dog houses and draw-works. These miniature oil derrick models can even be equipped with led lights up and down the derrick and come complete with a battery pack. Many bases are offered in order to mount these rigs on a sturdy foundation. Choices include chrome diamond plate, black grand piano wood, or rosewood bases. Custom logos can even be added to the side of the dog house. Finishes for these oil and gas drill rig models include gold plate, chrome, wet mirror black or custom powder coat paint in any color you desire. These working oilfield models can be purchased in the $2500 – $3500 price range. Custom built offshore drilling models are also available in this price range.