Exercise to Make My Butt Bigger – 3 Secrets to Lift and Expand the Butt

Ladies often ask me “How can I exercise to make my butt bigger?” They have noticed that their butt is almost similar to their hair. They just can’t seem to get it to do what they want! To make the butt bigger through exercise you have to realize that it needs the right tools and focus. Unfortunately many women don’t realize how involved butt exercises are and they are never committed to targeting their butt the right way.

Below is a list of tips that make up all the difference if you’ve ever asked yourself, “how do I exercise to make my butt bigger?” Doing the right things the right way will ensure you get the right results. The butt is becoming the most desired transformation in gyms everywhere for women. If you are among this group you may want to keep reading.

1 You Must Target All Of The Butt Muscles Through Exercise To Make It Bigger

There are four major muscles in the Butt. These are the gluteus maximus, the gluteus medius, and the gluteus minimus. All of these muscles need to be targeted properly to make your butt tighten together, lift and grow in size. You’ll notice how important it is when working the bicep to also target the bicep. Also when you are exercising the thigh, you are sure to exercise the hamstring. Likewise it is important to target all aspects of the butt to make it bigger

2 You Must Perform Butt Targeted Exercise To Make It Bigger and Not Just Exercises Where it’s Involved.

Women often make the mistake of only doing exercises such as the squat to make their butt bigger. The might even through in a couple lunges and call it good. You should remember that these routines will not make my butt bigger because the butt muscle is not highly targeted. When individuals want to grow their biceps, they target the muscle directly. The butt muscle is no different in this regard.

3 You Must Exercise According To Your Own Body Type and Goals. The Butt Reacts Differently

The same exercise program for 35 different women with 35 different types of bodies and 35 different desires for their butt and body will just not do! This is what you’ll find in most fitness classes however. With women, nothing varies in shape and size more than the butt. For a women with a larger butt to do the same exercises as a women with a very small flat butt is just ridiculous. The key to any good program is to tailor your butt exercise to make it bigger based on what you want and where you are coming from.