Exercises and Workouts – Quick Tips to Help You to Get More From Your Stationary Exercise Machine

If you are someone who’s been upping your cardio game, one piece of equipment you may find yourself using on a regular basis is a stationary exercise machine. Stationary exercise machines are an excellent way to work your lower body while giving yourself a great cardiovascular boost – plus they are a sure-fire way to torch calories in a hurry. Saying this, though, you do need to know how to use one of these machines optimally to see the best results.

Let’s look at a few quick tips you should be aware of and keep in mind as you go about your workout sessions…

1. Never Lean On The Hand Rails. First, it should be common sense but never lean on the handrails. Most stationary exercise machines do have handlebars you can hold onto to give your upper body a workout while you do the session. Note though you do not have to use these bars. Instead, you can just place your hand on the rail and hold on for balance, but never hold yourself up by them.

There should be no body weight placed on these handlebars as you will then be reducing the intensity of the session.

2. Vary Your Step Depth Based On Your Goals. It is also a good idea to change your step depth based on your goals. Modifying the depth of your step is often done by changing the incline if your machine will allow you to.

Go on a small incline if you want to get more quad activation while if it’s your glutes you want to challenge, a higher incline will be your best bet.

You should immediately feel the difference going from a low incline to a higher incline, so choose whichever is best suited to the area you want to work.

3. Watch Your Foot Placement. Finally, in addition to varying your step depth, also watch your foot placement. Many stationary exercise machines have foot plates that are quite long in nature, so if you place your foot near the very front of the plate, you will create a slightly different effect compared to putting your feet in the back section of the foot pads.

Taking care of your feet placement also means the difference between using the machine very comfortably, and feeling awkward as you go about your workout session. Play around with your foot position and find whatever works best for you.

So, there you have the key points to help you to get the most from your cardio sessions. Be smart in how you do these sessions and you will see great results from the time you invested in your exercise program.