Exercises to Develop Your Intuition

Intuition is the space between your thoughts, when the mind lets go and surrenders to the present moment. There are 7 steps that you can use to strengthen and exercise your intuition.

1. Your intellect! Thoughts are the starting point as everything begins with thought. Pay attention and listen to what you're saying and thinking.

2. Imagination. Imagination plays a key role in almost everything we do. It is the ability to picture things in our head, things that are not visible around us. Visual symbols and shapes are vital to stimulating inner growth. Imagination is the gateway to awareness.

3. Trusting your gut. Have you noticed that our culture does not value intuition? They value logic and reasoning and so we loose our connection to intuition and a very young age. We have been conditioned to look outside for the answers. Do you realize that you give away your power to people you think have all the answers. For example, doctors and healers may have all the information you need and it may be right but we should be open to taking it in and ask if this leaves right for us. Nobody knows what's true for you as well as you know in your soul.

4. Awareness – This simply means living your life consciously. When we do this and give full attention to each and every moment in our life, we begin to glow in our own light and truth.

5. Meditation- This is when the body can reduce stress and concentration becomes easier and more effective. Your ability to learn expands and you enhance your creative powers. You also achieve an overall feeling of well being. Remember to really hear your inner voice you have to learn to be silent.

6. Dreams- They are your greatest source of self help. They can express and teach creativity, reinforcement learning, work on problems, and open the door to deeper spirituality. Dreams are therapeutic and healing.

7. Practice-Practice-Practice … Think of intuition as a muscle that must be used to gain strength. So let's do some exercises!

Exercise 1

Take a look at what you are wearing right now. Do you know what your clothes may be telling you? As I mentioned in article two, your clothes, especially the colors will always tell you something about the energy that you may need at this time in your life.

O Are you listless and tired?

O Are your clothes and colors reflecting that?

O What color do you think you could put on to change your energy to something different?

O What is your intuition telling you about how you look and feel right now? Are you willing to listen to it?

O Is there someone close by? If so, look at what they are wearing and ask your intuitive to give you some feedback on what you see.

Part 2. Think of a question that you want an answer to. For ex: Will it rain in your city before the next snowfall? Pretend that the color of the blouse / shirt you are wearing is the answer to the question OR any other object you want to use.

O Describe the color, any memories you may have associated with it, what the color means to you in this moment and how your perception of the color has changed during this exercise.

O Simply allow yourself to notice images, symbols and other impressions. Do you feel the color would mean a yes or a no to you right now?

Pretending and being able to make things up are very important skills to work on in gaining control of your intuition. Intuition is really just information gathering. Do not try to figure everything out.

Exercise 2

Do you ever notice animals or birds when driving or sitting outside? Did you ever stop and ask yourself why they suddenly came into your line of vision & what they could mean?

Here are some common meanings that you may want to consider next time an animal comes into your line of vision or space. What is the first word that comes into your mind when you read the words below? Do they fit with the ones I have given or did your word feel better to you?

Dogs- friendship, loyalty, unconditional love

Cats- independence, freedom, march to your own drums

Rabbits- timid, shy, fertility, abundance, growth

Crows- Spiritual laws, intelligence

Horses- Power, freedom, inner strength

Butterfly- Transformation

Are you starting to realize that when we use our intuition we are really operating without a safety net? There is no logic, common sense to this. Know that what you sense, feel, perceive and dream has some meaning. There is always a reason we notice what we do and that we do not notice everything else.

The same object viewed by two people can mean two very different things. Just allow your meanings of the symbols to come to you, and this may take time. It also takes an open mind, even if at first you have to prepare that the symbols are significant. Allow things to be meaningful and they become meaningful.

Exercise 3
Start an intuition notebook and write your experiences in a book. Write on how some daily or other impressions you had had answered your question.

O Practice on things like; Who is on the other line when the phone rings?

O Which elevator will arrive first?

O Will the next traffic light be green, red or yellow?

O Focus on a call you would like to receive from someone and you will suddenly hear from them!

O If the doorbell rings and you're not expecting anyone, who do you think it is?

You'll be amazed at how accurately your "guesses" can be.

As little children we had no trouble pretending. Pretending often precedes faith and before we know it, we no longer need to pretend.

If we insist on our experience of the world making sense, we will deprive ourselves of valuable intuitive data. You must be willing to make mistakes. When you follow your intuition you will gain a feeling of power and energy and more importantly a wonderful spiritual connectedness to all things in your life.