Exotic Kitchen Design Makeovers From Around the World

When doing a kitchen renovation or designing a new kitchen for you custom built home, you can choose many different exotic styles from around the world. If you have a limited budget, you can decide on the style and slowly renovate your kitchen when you have the money until it is complete. It is an important part of your home and family so make sure that it has enough light and ventilation and does not have a cluttered feel.


This kitchen renovation will bring to your kitchen a warm rustic mood with earthy colors. These colors can include hues of olive green, and yellow, and mellow shades of burgundy, gold, and burnt orange. The Tuscan kitchen stems from the Mediterranean architecture so blue also goes well with this design. To give your walls a rustic feel, you need to texture them using builder’s sand to the paint or do rough plastering texturing. The counter tops should be marble or granite, a little tinge of terracotta on the walls, and wooden flooring. To illuminate the kitchen you can use central chandeliers. To add a Mediterranean flare, use scented herbs and decorative bottles.


French people love space so if you have a small kitchen you should use pastel paint on the walls to give the appearance of it being larger. Use a knock-off French clock to hang on the wall. If possible, color coordinate your kitchen and dinnerware. The countertops should be either marble or wood. The windows in the kitchen should be large with wooden panes to let enough light into the kitchen. You can also use indirect lighting.


One beautiful thing with European kitchen renovation is their use of furniture that is made of glass, stainless steel, and chrome. Because of the furniture, this is not a suitable kitchen design to use if you have small children in the house because most this type of furniture is not kid-proof. The walls are white and with the gray of chrome and steel, it makes your kitchen look very spacious. To get this effect you will need the right number of lights. You should light the kitchen with the help of lighting from the ceiling.


This exotic kitchen renovation as a style of design that is similar to the European style, which is that both kitchens have the same minimalist features. This design will cater to your needs of aesthetics and storing. While in the European design, white is the main color but with the Italian style, you can use rustic, black, deep red, chrome, and white as the colors. Use chinaware or glassware with Italy’s kitchen style. To enhance your design choose decorative bottles for oils and herbs along with marble countertops, wooden flooring and under the cabinet lighting.