Experience London

Thinking of visiting one of the top tourist destinations in the world? Then visit London!

A centre-point in the world offering an array of culture, art and a mesmerising sightseeing experience, London is one of the top tourist destinations in the world.

To cope with the huge demand of tourists that regularly flock to the UK's capital, London has thousands of hotels, Bed & Breakfasts, Guest Houses and Inns throughout the entire city.

Your experience in London can be tailored to surpass your expectations with the wide variety of accommodation available. As with most capital cities expect to pay a lot more for hotels and lodging in the centre and in specialist tourism areas, however thanks to the London Underground, it's possible to stay a little further away from the centre of London and enjoy hotels that are more affordable but do not sacrifice on quality. The cost of transportation around London whether by bus, the tube or by other means is extremely reasonable and therefore you can make significant savings choosing your accommodation a few miles out of the centre.

So what can you expect from your accommodation in London?

Well this depends really on what kind of London experience you are looking for. At one end of the spectrum you can enjoy 5 star luxury in award winning classic hotels that are usually the choice of the rich and famous, and if you are on a tighter budget there is a staggering choice of Guest Houses, Bed & Breakfasts and lower tourist board graded hotels to choose from.

You can choose from a well known chain hotel where the experience and levels of service are similar throughout the world, or if you prefer to enjoy something more quintessentially British, choose a classic London Bed & Breakfast where the service and styling of the accommodation is more unique.