Explore the Striking City of Toronto For Striking Attractions & Hotels

Toronto is one of the most populated and largest cities of Canada. It is provincial capital of Ontario and is known for its cultural diversity, entertainment, financial and business areas with an array of sightseeing. The city of Toronto is located in Southern Ontario along the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario. It is a densely populated part of Southern Ontario known as the Golden Horseshoe and estimated that around 8. 1 million people are staying here.

The meaning of the word 'Toronto' is 'place where trees stand in the water'. French were the first who settled in the area during the year 1750 at Fort Rouille. Initially it was used as the naval base by the British. It was then named as York by Lieutenant-Governor John Graves Simcoe when the Upper capital of Canada was shifted from Newark to Toronto. The city was very small but after the war of 1813, the city grew rapidly and continued to grow through nineteen century and became main destination for the immigrants of Canada. It resulted in making Toronto as one of the most popular cities of Canada surpassing Montreal.

While your stay in Toronto, you will never find yourself short of things to do or to see. It offers a range of numerous attractions which will make your trip worthy and memorable. Popular attraction such as CN Tower is one of the major attractions and the most recognizable and celebrated icon. The height of the tower is about 550 meters around 1800 feet, is the tallest buildings in the world. Visitors from all round the globe come to see this exciting monument and it is estimated that around 2 million people take the elevator ride to the top of the tower every year.

Another must visit attraction is Toronto Island which is not far away; it is just a ferry ride away from the city. It is parkland which covers around 600 acres inviting you to discover. It is an island of 150 year old, offering very panoramic views of the lakeside charm since centuries.

One can also go for several other attractions such as the Ontario Place Toronto. This is an internationally recognized place known for its cultural, leisure and entertainment parkland. This is a place full of fun for entire family members of all ages and offers a variety of exciting rides and attractions such as Soak City Water Park, Bumper Boats, Free Fall and many more. This would turn into a perfect destination for you to entertain your self along with your family.
If you are in Toronto you are not short of hotels, you will find a range of hotels that vary from budget to luxury accommodation. These hotels are known for their comfortable and convenient stay and hospitality.

Luxury Hotels -hotels such as the Toronto Marriott Bloor York, Sheraton Center, The Sutton Place Hotel are some of the luxury hotels which are known for their elegant and stylish accommodation. The Sutton Place Hotel is one of the most favored luxury hotels exhibiting the European elegance and charm. It features around 230 elegant rooms which are tastefully decorated with original work of art and antiques.

Cheap Hotels – it also offers some of the most comfortable and convenient cheap hotels which are meant to provide the best accommodation at the most affordable price. These hotels are generally concentrated around the downtown area of ​​the city providing quality accommodation at the most affordable price.