Exploring a Marquise Cut Ring

A marquise cut ring possesses one of the oldest cuts in the world. Also referred to as the Navette cut, the marquise cut did not come into being if not for the French king Louis XV. Perhaps he loved his mistress so much, Marchioness Madame de Pompadour, that he commissioned the jeweler of his court to cut a certain piece of diamond according to her smile.

This is the main reason why the marquise cut has an elongated look. It is an excellent cut for longer gemstones such as diamonds as well as for those that are round or oval shaped.

The Unique Look

One of the distinct characteristics of the marquise cut is its look. You will hardly find any other cut that is elongated. Moreover, the oval- or round-shaped diamonds or other gemstones are cut in a manner that only their tips appear pointed or edged.

Looking at the marquise cut, one may think that it is pretty easy to do. The truth is it is not. This is because there is a particular aspect ratio that has to be followed. It is 1:2. This means that the width is 50 percent longer than its length. The cutter also has to make sure that the pointed ends would not easily break. Otherwise, it will surely reduce the value of the gemstone.

There is also the challenge of taking as little as possible from the gemstone. In the case of the diamond, for example, he or she needs to ensure that much of the stone is being retained.

On the part of the owner, it is important that you have a gemstone with the least amount of inclusion as possible. Keep in mind that your stone will surely be highlighted once it is already set on the ring. Any kind of flaw will most likely become very visible or noticeable.

You should also be decided on whether the bow tie effect is fine with you or not. The effect happens the ideal ratio changes. Because the cut does not necessarily follow the normal patterns of the stone, they create a shadow that appears like a bow tie in the middle of the gemstone. Others call this a flaw, while many consider it as a unique attribute of the cut.

If you are in a tight budget, you can surely opt for the marquise cut, which has the ability to improve a stone’s brilliance.