Exterior Paint Trends That Are Off The Charts

Are you painting your home? Are you looking for a classic finish, or something a little bolder? There are many factors that influence our color choices. For example, you may need to get the approval of your Home Owner's Association, before you paint your home.

What will be the best color fit for you? Are you interested in new color trends? Or, are you more interested in a traditional, and classic, a color choice that has a wider appeal?

Well, it's up to you – it's your home, and that 'safe' paint choice may leave you filled with regret, every time you see a home, the color that you dreamed of. Choose your home's color, carefully, and be happy, from the first brush of paint to the last.

1. Black Is Back, Gray Is Hot!

You may choose a more charcoal black, and opt for black, or white, trim. Black is becoming a very popular choice and can look very stylish. Over time, black will fade a little, but, the color is very chic and modern. Darker shades are trending, and, whether it's your beach house or your main home, you may consider this fashion forward shade.

Black paint, and a shinier black paint, on your window trim, will give your home a complete makeover. If you are not sure, you could always test an area first. A dark paint is a stronger commitment, and you will also need to consider the finish, of your home.

Does the exterior need any work, or patching up? Before any paint work can be done, you should make sure that any weather treatment has been completed.

Less dramatic, but equally stylish is gray – you can choose this wonderfully neutral shade to showcase your home and paint trimmings in a contrasting, white, for a stylish modern pop.

2. What Colors Complements Your Garden or Patio?

Do you have a tiled patio or a bricked driveway? You might like to consider using paint that matches the color palette of these specific features. For example, if you have a Spanish style patio area, you should consider using complimentary, or contrast, colors – these will highlight your homes' features.

If you have a patio area that has terra cotta tiles, then a fresher, light, color, would make your patio 'pop.' A darker shade would not match this feature, at all.

Brown on brown is not that attractive. If your property is on a larger sized plot, then you have a bit more room to play with – you can make a bolder color choice!

3. Classic White Or Pastel Colors

White is a classic and fresh option for many homes. It is a traditional color choice for many home owners and retains its character, over decades. You are assured a clean and uncluttered modern style choice, with white.

You could also consider a pastel, or candy shade, that is historically a good choice for homes that have pretty woodwork. You can always paint trimming in a white color, and soft shades are pleasing on the eye, and add a touch of character!

A soft yellow, or pink, can bring some much-needed cheer to your home. If you are certain, you should test a few panels, first to check the shade, in natural light.

Your Off The Charts Exterior

There are so many amazing colors to choose from, but, traditionally you need to choose a more neutral color, for your exterior walls. Save the rainbow lights and creative touches for your interiors !

You will also need a very large volume of paint for the exterior! Depending on your budget, you can test paint a few exterior walls, and see what speaks to you! A man's home and a women's too is her castle – be happy with your exterior paint choices, and make a choice that leaves you smiling.

Is it going to be a bold black, with shiny window trim? What about that bold red door you have always dreamed of? Go forth and find the shades that are perfect for you!