External Lighting

Today’s home owners are more and more willing to invest in purchasing outdoor lighting items, since they can be used to improve the general look of a house as well as incorporate the outdoor with the indoor living space. Improving the external house design is not a matter of luxury anymore, as weather conditions and contemporary house designs permit people to experience the outdoors again as it being an important part of their home.

Outdoor house designers support that contemporary decks, patios and yards have as much thought put into their décor and ambiance as the house itself. Thus, selecting the right type of lighting should be part of improving the living quality of a person as well as enhancing the retail value of the house itself. So, it is extremely important now to choose the right external lamps and place them adequately in a porch or garden area.

However, there is a tip, no home owner should forget when purchasing outdoor lamps. Since usually the area that needs to be lightened is much bigger than that of a indoor house room, and because walls do not exist to reflect the beams of light and keep it contained into a single room, choosing the appropriate fixture is as important as purchasing the right style of lamp. Finding the correct size of an external lamp though, can be rather tricky. The most common mistake made is to purchase fixtures that are too small for the selected external house area. For that reason it is advised to select fixtures that are suitable for the area you wish to light and are sized proportionately in order to best serve their lighting purpose. If one is considering of choosing a lamp for the outdoor area of a house door, for example, it is wise to use a fixture that is based on the height of that specific door. Single lanterns should be about 1/3 of the door’s height, while a pair of lanterns can be ¼ of the height of the door.

Two general rules one has to follow when selecting lamps for outdoor use, is to mount the lamps at eye level or slightly higher and be sure that the fixtures selected are large enough to be noticed from a distance. Since, today’s outdoor lighting incorporates much more than just safety and security concerns, the overall look and décor of a house depends on the proper external lamps selection. Walk through your favorite neighborhood and you will discover plenty of good ideas of outdoor lighting. Avoid purchasing the wrong size lamps just because they are on sale. It is much wiser to consider the particular needs of your house and outdoor activities, as well as your house “look and feel” effect. Illuminating the wrong area or even your neighbor’s garage door is not an option. Ask for experts’ advice if you want to be on the safe side, but if your budget does not allow you these types of services, your local outdoor lighting salesman will be more than willing to visit your premises and offer you the best deal for your outdoor space. Search the offered designs, compare prices and browse other people’s homes and the final effect will be the one you intended.