Extra Wide Baby Gates and Pet Gates: Keeping Tots and Pets Safe and Secure in an Extra Wide Space

When do extra wide baby gates come in handy? Well, whether you're a babysitter, an aunt, grandmother, or harried mom who has experienced firsthand what it's like to watch over a hyperactive toddler, you'd wish there was some way you can rein in all that energy. Yet kids will be kids. They need to explore, get into scrapes, get a feel of things (some even bite the pages off a coloring book or chew wood off a cabinet). As an adult, the best thing you can do is to be ever vigilant and not let the tot out of your sight, especially if you're the only one watching the kid. Parents may also have peace of mind that baby's safe and secure, whoever is babysitting, by investing in a safety gate for the top of the stairs, or barriers at the bottom of the stairway. For babies and pets who love roaming around the house, extra wide stair gates for extensive or odd-shaped space openings will prove to be very useful.

A child-friendly barrier (one where a curious toddler will not be able to gain a foothold, climb, and topple over) can obstruct access to a flight of steps. Ingeniously devised barriers are sturdy and child resistant. Some are even designed with a sloped surface so that a child's probing hands and knees will slide off the barrier. Hence, it'll be futile for young explorers to pull themselves up over the barrier. Extra wide stair gates are also essential for homes with large entryways or wide spaces at the bottom / top of the stairs. When using such contraptions, go for a quality item that will offer many years of use. So even if baby has grown up, younger siblings may be kept secure and out of possible harm. Extra wide stair gates may also be used to keep pets off areas where they should not be.

Some safety gates require homeowners to drill holes in their walls. Nowadays, there are easy-to-install hardware mounted baby gates that latch firmly and swing smoothly. Busy multitasking moms who have their arms full with a toddler and baby essentials or accessories may even conveniently use one hand to walk though some safety gate models. For the bottom of the stairs, there are many quality pressure mounted gate options now. There's also the hands-free type suited for kids during the first couple years. Parents or nannies simply have to use a step pedal to make the sturdy contraption swing open smoothly.

Reputable child safety gate manufacturers have thought of eliminating the usual hassles people encounter when using baby gates – not the right height, or adults tripping or finding it hard to fit into a narrow gate opening, and so on. The solution: extra wide baby gates that can conveniently fit wide stairway and room openings ranging from 32 inches and may be extended to over 60 inches, and have just the right height. You can even find a retractable option that can snugly fit wide openings without extensions and allowed to recoil when there's no need for it. The wide coverage solution? Get an extra wide baby gate or extra wide pet gate, today!