Eye Opening Job Interview Techniques – Discover How A Touch of Emotions Can Lead to Better Interview

How many times have you search for job interview tips only to discover oodles of interview material so structured that it felt detached and not very user friendly? You know the stuff – facts, facts, facts, do this, go there, or follow some list. Useful, yes, yet…

If over 90% of personal interaction during your interview can be nonverbal, can a factual preparation alone carry you to a topnotch interview? Or is there more?

Harnessing Intuitive Emotional Energy – 4 Tips

1. If I presume you are human and so is your interviewer (not computer scanned), then that, my friend, is a basis for an infusion of emotional interview energy.

2. Have you ever considered humanizing your job interview preparations? How? Try evaluating job interview techniques as seen through the eyes of human experience.

3. Have you ever looked at stories of other interview triumphs and failures to see if you can learn to emulate what works and to avoid what does not?

4. Successful interviewees, in my experience, are usually bouncing off the wall with delight, not only because they snared the job but also because of the emotional satisfaction experienced during the interview. They rarely remember their technical competence but never forget their successful interaction. Sweet emotions.

Emotions – When Facing a Career Changing Interview Do You Feel…

* Fear?

* Stress?

* Anxiety?

* Anticipation?

* Pre-interview sleepless nights?


Emotions are great interview building blocks. Have you ever considered using these emotions to help you prepare for your interview? When doing so, you can tweak your interview by instilling emotion based interview techniques. On the flipside, it can also alert you to sidestep emotional blunders.

By infusing a touch of emotion you’re talking…

* Smarter interview preparation

* Discovering unusual job interview techniques

* Learn proactive interview tactics

When mixing methodical job interview techniques with emotion inspired interview preparation, you can develop…

* Unshakable presence

* Self-assured poise

* Disarming manners

* Influencing attitude

* Air of self-confidence

Let’s face it; a successful job interview is your career’s frontline. Are you preparing for the 90%+?

The Scary Part of Your Job Interview

You can never predict which job interview technique will trigger winning results. In this competitive world, you can never be too prepared.

Tweaking your job interview techniques is all about brainstorming in search of winning ideas. Remember…

“For the want of a nail, the battle was lost”, Benjamin Franklin.

Your destiny is in the palm of your hands. What do you plan to do with it?