Fabulous Ways to Include Pearls in Your Wedding

Pearls and brides have gone together for as long as there have been weddings. No doubt you are familiar with the classic strand of pearls, but there is so much more to pearls than just that one iconic piece of jewelry. From the timeless to the surprising, here are some fabulous ways to include pearls in your wedding.

Certainly, the first way to include pearls in your wedding is through jewelry. Although the classic strand of pearls is lovely, pearls can be worn in so many different ways, from casual to modern to high fashion. Designers are using not only the traditional cultured pearl, but also freshwater pearls, coin pearls, keshi or petal pearls, and even pearls in interesting colors. When you are shopping for pearl wedding jewelry, do not limit yourself to just a necklace; there are all sorts of gorgeous pieces like a striking pair of earrings or a freshwater bracelet.

It is not only the bride who will benefit from being bedecked in pearls. They also make wonderful gifts for your bridesmaids, flower girls, and the mothers of the bride and groom. For your bridesmaid gifts, look for pieces that are affordable and pretty, like a freshwater pearl wedding bracelet. Dainty pendants hit just the right note for flower girls, and sophisticated black or gray pearls are a lovely expression of gratitude for the bride's mother. These are gifts that will be worn and enjoyed long after the wedding day has come and gone.

Pearl jewelry is gorgeous, but it is by far the only place to use this radiant gem to enhance your wedding. Drilled pearls can become a lovely addition to all sorts of diy projects. For instance, if you are printing your own wedding invitations, think about dressing them up with some little pearls. A row of tiny seed pearls can be hand stitched to the top of each invitation as a sweet little border. I have seen this done, and it is adorable. Just be sure to hand cancel your invitations to protect them from the ravages of the postal machines.

Another wonderful thing that you can do with drilled pearls is use them to dress up your wedding favors. Place your candy or other favor of your choice into simple little boxes. Tie a sheer organza ribbon around the box, and finish it off by using a twist of silver wire to make a little loop with a few pearls and crystals in the center of each bow. This is a quick and easy way to make the presentation of your wedding favors look more special. The same technique works well for decorating the boxes for your bridesmaid gifts.

Luminous pearls also make a lovely addition to your reception décor. Make your centerpieces more special by filling the bottoms of clear vases with faux pearls. This is a stunning accent for an all-white floral display. You can string rows of pearls into garlands to drape over the chairs that the bride and groom will use or intertwine the ropes of pearls with greenery for a custom decoration on the front of the head table. And do not forget to decorate your wedding cake with a pretty border ofible "pearls" on the edge of each tier for that perfect finishing touch.

There is just no end to all of the ways in which pearls can be used for a wedding. They are classic, gracious, beautiful, and always in the best of taste. Including pearls in your wedding attire and décor will make your entire day more elegant.