Face Lift Candidates

Face lifts are usually sought after by people who are looking to erase visible signs of aging, and while they may all have the right expectations for the outcome, they may not all be good candidates to undergo the procedure. A consultation with your plastic surgeon will determine if you are a prime candidate for the operation, and if you are not, your surgeon can suggest some alternatives to help you achieve your goals.

Some of the characteristics of a good face lift candidate have nothing to do with the skin. The most important thing that any patient can do for the best outcome in any procedure is to accept the doctor’s advice and to follow post-operative instructions. Meeting the aftercare guidelines is imperative for promoting the best results. Ignoring recovery protocol can cause unnecessary swelling, alter or bust stitching, or even cause irreparable damage. Even simple things such as sleep position, prescribed medications, and smoking or drinking habits, can prohibit a face lift from reaching its ultimate cosmetic goals.

An inquiring consultation with a chosen plastic surgeon can determine if your skin will be receptive to the procedure. Elasticity is important. Because of the essence of the operation is based on stretching and repositioning the skin, those without substantial elasticity may need to consider alternatives to invasive surgery such as micro-dermabrasion, resurfacing, or even simple things like glycolic peels, or facials. Heed the surgeon’s suggestions; he has seen poor results and unhappy clients, and he knows what made them that way.

Bone structure is also an underlying factor in determining a good face lift candidate. If you do not have a strong structure, the operation is likely to fall short of your goals. You may be a good fit for facial implants which are popular in the check and the chin. Speak with your doctor to determine if these alternatives will ultimately meet your original goals. You are sure to find the right procedure for you if you are willing to accept medical advice and continue to research.

Last but definitely not least, you must have realistic expectations. So many people have a celebrity look in mind, and while some features can be replicated, bone structure and genetics play an important role in how a certain technique will play out on you. It is not really a healthy goal to want to mimic someone else’s look. Those most satisfied clients when it comes to the final outcome of face lifts are those who let the doctor consider their expectations and then suggest the best options.