Face Lift, Non-Surgical – How to Get a Face Lift and Avoid Surgery

Not everyone wants to endure the effects of having a face lift, so there are alternate procedures that can be done. For example, you can have work done with face lift non-surgical techniques that have been very effective for many individuals and it's also almost completely pain free! Prospective patients might think that the cost of having a face lift is much too expensive for them as well, and that is why they would rather opt for a less expensive face lift non-surgical technique.

Some of the proven techniques that are used in a non-surgical face lift procedure can be:

# 1. Facial Fillers
# 2. Acne Removal
# 3. Pockmark Removal
# 4. Chemical Peel
# 5. Botox Injections

The Cost of these types of procedures can range anywhere from three hundred to three hundred and fifty dollars for a facial filler treatment. This type of treatment is injectable and works to produce plumper lips. Think Angelina Jolie and you'll get the picture. Other forms of popular and effective facial fillers are collagen and restylane. Often these are not used by themselves, but are used in conjunction with skin resurfacing using a laser technique. While the cost per injection is close to the estimate we provided, you also need to know that the results are only temporary. So even though they are initially less expensive than a surgical procedure, they could cost more in the long run. Generally, facial fillers must be repeated every six to eight months to maintain their appearance.

Prices for the acne and pockmark removal can be quite reasonable. For five to seven sessions we found an estimated cost of five hundred to eight hundred dollars, which is very reasonable. This microdermabrasion non-surgical technique takes away the top layer of skin so that a new scar free surface is revealed. This technique is quite possibly the most reasonably priced of all the non-surgical techniques.

Chemical peels can average between three hundred and two thousand dollars. The expanse in price comes from the non-surgical technique used. If only a mild peel is used the price should be lower, whereas a full facial deep peel will likely be more costly. Botox injections are used in the forehead and cheek area to reduce laugh lines, "crow's feet" and other normal signs of age. This face lift non-surgical procedure must also be repeated over time as it is not a permanent solution.