Face Lift Products – Vikki LaMotta Wonderlift 60 Second Facelift Product in a Jar

Ever wished you could dip your finger in a pot of velvety cream pat it on your face and turn back the clock to youth and beauty. What at one time was wishful thinking is a reality with one of the finest face lift products, Vikki Lamotta Wonderlift 60 Second Facelift.

Vikki Lamotta was an exceptionally beautiful woman who lived a life filled with violence and sex. But despite her hard times she retained amazing good looks and shocked the world when she took her clothes off and posed nude for Playboy at the age of 51.  That issue of Playboy magazine sold more copies to woman than any other issue. Woman wanted to know what was the juicy secret behind Vikki Lamotta’s skin. How did she stay so wrinkle free.  Four  years later, Vikki’s smooth, supple skin secret was out with the release of one of the most successful face lift products – Vikki Lamotta Wonderlift the 60 second skin firming cream.

The cream is very easy to work with and amazingly affordable. Apply a very thin layer of the face lift product to the skin. If there is a white residue on the skin you have applied to much. Wait for it to be absorbed. Within 60 seconds this face lift product goes to work tightening and toning, giving the skin a renewed vitality.  The before and after results are amazing.

The drawback to Vikki Lamotta’s face lift product is it is only temporary. Depending on your skin type; dry, oily or normal it lasts from 9 to 12 hours. It must be reapplied to turn back the clock again.

However, with the very low price point, ease of use and the type of amazing results it offers, Vikki Lamotta Wonderlift 60 Second Face Lift is a must have for that special night out when you want to look your sensual, gorgeous best.