Face Lift Tape Realities – What You Should Know Before Using Face Lift Tape

Face lift tape is the oldest alternative to facelift surgery and has been used by models, actors, and actresses for decades. It can take years off of a person’s face in seconds and inexpensively, which is one of the reasons it has been so widely used in the entertainment industry.

But is face lift tape a good option for at-home use? On the surface it definitely seems like a good idea. It’s easily applicable and totally reversible. Women can put it on every morning without spending a lot of money, and then take it off before they go to sleep. The reasons behind the recent surges in face lift tape products on the market are obvious. But unfortunately, this is one alternative to face lift surgery that isn’t very realistic for most people.

The first problem is how to hide it. Think about it: You’ve got two pieces of tape on either side of your head right by your ears. Attached to that tape is an elastic string running behind your head, pulling your skin tight.

Since face lift tape originated in the performing world, stage makeup and wigs could easily hide the adhesives. But in real life, it’s not so practical. Most women don’t wear wigs, and aren’t interested in being limited to a hairstyle that will keep the tape covered. And in order to cover the tape successfully with makeup, you’d have to apply so much that it just wouldn’t look right to the people you come into contact with everyday.

The second problem is that it’s uncomfortable. Sure, you can get used to anything. But having your skin stretched all day its a bit too much for most people to want to do on an everyday basis. Plus, the tape itself can be itchy and uncomfortable.

While at first glance, face lift tape seems like the perfect alternative to facelift surgery, it’s something that is really just best for the place it was conceived– the entertainment world.