Face Lift – Variations of the Traditional Facelift

As you age, your skin loses elasticity and starts to droop and wrinkle. This is especially common around the eyes, cheeks and neck. You look in the mirror and think you are starting to look maybe a little like a hound dog. This is where you start wondering of you need to have some "work done."

Your next course of action is to contact a board certified plastic surgeon and meets with him or her for a consultation. Tell him what others you the most and what look you want to achieve, and he will evaluate your skin to determine the best route to take.

It may turn out that you are not in need of a full procedure. Yes, there are alternatives and some of them do not even involve scalpels.

Here are some of your choices depending on what you need to achieve your desired results:

1. Mid Facelift- This procedure is for patients whose neck and chin area are not sagging, and a traditional procedure would be excessive. Instead, you just need the central portion of your face tightened – the nose, cheeks and mouth area. While there are still incisions made, they are hidden either in the lower lash or the fold of the nose. Because this procedure is not as traumatic to the tissue as a traditional one, bruising and swelling is usually less and the recovery is faster.

2. MACS-lift- While the procedure above targets the upper and central portion of the face, this one targets the neck and chin area. Maybe your eyes are still vibrant and youthful looking, but your neck is sagging and you always look like you are frowning.

If so, you do not need the full traditional procedure, a MACS-lift is the way to go. The incision is typically made in the front crease of the ear. The skin is slightly folded and removed to tighten the saggy lower portion of your face.

This procedure is also used as maintenance for patients who have had a full lift and just need some tightening without undergoing the whole procedure again.

3. Liquid Facelift- Yes, there is an alternative for those of you who are terrified of going under the knife. In fact, you could do this on your lunch hour!

With a tiny needle, the surgeon injects a filler into wrinkles, lines and the sunken in areas to smooth out the skin and add volume to the face. There are several different kinds of injectables on the market so discuss with your doctor what he uses.

Do not expect these results to be permanent. Touch-ups are recommended to maintain your look. Not everyone is a good candidate for this procedure either. Your surgeon will evaluate your skin and if your elasticity and tone are still good, then a liquid lift will work for you. Otherwise, one of the other alternatives above may be considered.

As with any cosmetic procedure, even if there is no surgery involved, make sure your doctor is a board certified plastic surgeon. Research the procedure and have clear and realistic expectations when you meet for your consultation. When the procedure is over, you want to look like a younger more vibrant you.