Face Lift

Face lift, or Facial Rytidectomy, is a popular procedure among men and women over 40 years of age. About 80,000 face lifts performed in the US every year. The majority of the patients are female, but it is becoming more acceptable in the male population.

Face Lifts are often associated with other procedures, including blepharoplasty (eye lid surgery), otoplasty (reduction of the earlobes), forehead lift (brow lift), neck lift, chin and cheek implants. Minimally invasive procedures that may be accompanied with a face lift are chemical peels or laser treatment for the lips, eyelids and crows feet. These procedures performed simultaneously enhance the results of the face lift.

Dr. Blau utilizes the advancements made in plastic surgery for face lifts to apply his surgical skills to the SMAS fascia and the platysma muscle. This allows for results that do not appear to put tension on the skin, producing more natural post surgical results than offered in the past.

Face lift incisions are located in front or inside of the ears and sometimes, on the back of the ears. The goal is to produce minimal scarring through inconspicuous incision locations and aids for scarring. Every patient heals differently. Therefore, scarring will appear differently among face lift patients. Face lift patients commonly require neck liposuction. Further treatment to the neck may involve platysmoplasty in which the neck muscle’s fascia is sutured together. This is incorporated with tightening of the SMAS fascia.

Face lifts require serious consideration in the initial consultation. It is important to review the surgeon’s credentials and type of board certification and understand every aspect of the face lift surgery before undergoing the procedure.

When in consult with the Plastic surgeon Dr. Blau will assess the possibilities of what can be done to improve facial lines, wrinkles, jowls and sagging skin. There are alternative procedures to consider in conjunction with facelift surgery to help with the forehead lines, crow’s feet and bags which can not treated with a facelift.